How to Get the Cat Mask in Ghost of Tsushima

This guide will tell you How to Get the Cat Mask on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima and deck Jin out in this spectacular mask.

Cosmetics are an optional yet vital part of Ghost of Tsushima, and with the release of the Director’s Cut, a plethora of different vanity items were added for the pleasure of players, including Nekoma’s Scowl Mask. This guide will tell you how to get the Cat Mask on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Cat Mask Location

To the North-East of Iki Island’s corner will be a location called Barrier Cove to which you must travel to. Upon arrival, you will be introduced to a rocky topography surrounded by waters that are infested with enemies. Before excavating the lands, it is best that you dispatch all the enemies that are scattered about so that you can find the hiding spot in peace.

After you have successfully culled the enemy population, it is time for you to hop, skip and swing your way towards the northern edge of Barrier Cove. Past many makeshift bridges and gravelly hills, you will spot an aged house pointing towards the edge of the cliff.

As you approach this house, an iconic symbol of Ghost of Tsushima would take flight beside you, a flock of Golden birds that you must follow.

The birds will guide you to the island’s northeastern tip till all you can see is the vast blue seas stretching to the horizon and a small red box, sitting on top of a pointed cliffside, waiting for your attention. This box will contain the Nekoma’s Scowl Mask that, in respect to its name Neko, is molded after a cat’s visage.

To the player who would like to further push the limits of their immersion with Ghost of Tsushima’s unique cosmetic collection, items such as these will allow you to create a warrior of your own taste and style. Who knows, the animalistic nature of masks such as these may drive your thirst in battle when perhaps you have grown tired of an honorable approach with the blade.

Ultimately, it is your choice what sort of personality and character Jin Sakai should have. Should he be the humble ronin or a bloodthirsty man with the spirit of a Samurai? All we can disclose is that it’s rather satisfying to watch Jin done the Nekoma cat armor that you have so painstakingly picked for him.

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