Are We Getting Bloodborne PC Announcement at PC Gaming Show?

A newly-released list of companies that will be coming to the PC Gaming Show this Saturday has appeared online, and there’s a very large number of companies that will be a part of the show. This also brings up the possibility of a Bloodborne PC port getting announced by From Software.

Bloodborne was one of the titans of the Playstation 4 era, and is widely seen as one of the best games in the Souls-borne genre that From Software pioneered. Various leaks have crossed social media lately about the game supposedly getting a PC release, but here’s where it will likely be either confirmed or killed.

Even though From Software has made every Dark Souls game available on PC in the past, the same might not be true of Bloodborne, especially since it was a Playstation 4 game. However, Horizon Zero Dawn will be getting a PC port this summer, so a Bloodborne PC port by From Software isn’t entirely out of the question.

Various studios that will be coming to the PC Gaming Show include Atlus, Sega, 2K Games, DONTNOD, Rebellion Games, and more, and the list also makes mention of a few “surprise announcements”, though we don’t exactly know what those are yet.

If it actually turns out that From Software is developing a PC port of Bloodborne, that might explain why we’ve heard almost nothing about Elden Ring since it was first announced at last year’s E3 despite many rumors that it would be appearing at subsequent events like Gamescom.

Either way though, until the show actually happens, there’s no telling exactly what we’ll be able to look forward to on PC in the coming years. To see if there actually is a Bloodborne PC port coming, tune into the PC Gaming Show this Saturday at 2 P.M. Eastern Time or your regional equivalent.