Sony Announces Horizon Zero Dawn PC Version, Coming This Summer

A Horizon Zero Dawn PC port is going to be coming to Steam this summer, but so far we don't know when its release date is.

Ever since it first released on the Playstation 4 back in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of the Playstation 4’s best-regarded games. With a wide-open and interesting world to explore, a colorful cast of characters, and an interesting story, it’s no surprise that now a Horizon Zero Dawn PC version is coming.

The news came from Playstation Worldwide Studios head Hermen Hulst, who gave us the information in a Playstation Blog interview, though Jason Schreier had previously leaked the story back in January.At the same time, we have no idea of when exactly the game will release. The Steam page only gives us a vague window.

However, Hulst did tell us that Guerrilla Games, who developed the title, would have a number of their new studio heads including Michiel van der Leeuw, JB van Beek, and Angie Smets give us new information, so we’ll have to wait for them to speak up.

We can likely expect for the Horizon Zero Dawn PC port to include every bit of DLC originally put in the Playstation 4 game, in particular the Frozen Wilds DLC that was released after the game came out. While we could see some PC-exclusive DLC, that’s probably not happening.

At the same time, Hulst also moved to assure Playstation fans that the company would not be following Microsoft’s lead in porting over all of their most-popular games to the PC. In Hulst’s mind, Horizon Zero Dawn was just the game that fit that mold the most.

The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn also gives Guerrilla a chance to show PC players that they’ve missed out on both in the game and on the Playstation 4 itself. Considering the acclaim that Horizon got, it might be the perfect game to showcase that.

While we don’t know when the Horizon Zero Dawn PC version is going to be coming out, hopefully Guerrilla’s studio heads can give us more information about the release date soon.

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