Genshin Impact Floral Freefall Challenge Guide

Our Genshin Impact Floral Freefall Guide will get your up to speed with all that you should know about the Floral Freefall Challenge during the Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact, including how to unlock and overcome the Floral Freefall Challenge.

Genshin Impact Floral Freefall Challenge

Floral Freefall is one of the relatively easy challenges of the Windblume Festival in Genshin Impact. Once you’ve unlocked it, which is a bit time-consuming, you won’t have much difficulty in tacking it.

In our guide below, you will find everything that you’re looking for regarding the Floral Freefall challenge. So, let’s begin!

How to Unlock the Floral Freefall Challenge

To be able to participate in the Floral Freefall challenge, you’ll need to acquire the “Invitation of Windblume Festival”.

For that, your Adventure Rank must be at least 20, and you must have overcome the Archon quest, “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom”.

If you’re in the clear for both of the aforementioned conditions, head to Mondsadt to get access to the event quest “Ode to Flower and Cloud”. Once you complete this quest, you’ll unlock another quest – this one can be found be inside your journal.

This quest will lead you to Lizzie, who runs the Windblume Festival Challenges. Talk to her to unlock access to Floral Freefall.

Floral Freefall Challenge Tips

There are four categories of Floral Freefall challenge. However, three of them are yet to unlocked:

  • Falcon Coast (Unlocked)
  • Windrise (Unlocks on 22nd of March)
  • Brightcrown Canyon (unlocks on 25th of March)
  • Stormterror’s Lair (unlocks on 28th of March)

Select whichever of the above Floral Freefall challenges you want to take on, and a menu will pop up. This menu will display the three different characters that you’ll need to beat along with their respective points.

You’ll also see chest icons on the menu, one next to each character. Clicking on them will reveal the prizes awarded for beating each character.

When you’re ready, click on “Go to Challenge,” and you’ll be pointed to a mark on the world map.

Take the nearest waypoint to make your way to the destination and then head to the event board to participate in this Genshin Impact event challenge.

As soon as you’ve understood how the Floral Freefall challenge works, it becomes pretty simple to overcome.

What you have to do is glide down to the ground while collecting Green Fluorescent Flowerballs (award 35 points) and the orange Honey-Petal Crowns (award 200 points).

You’ll have to obtain these collectibles while avoiding the hazards in the air. Also, there is a time-stamp associated with this challenge, and the challenge ends when either the time runs out or you touch the ground.

Remember that there’s a finish line garland that nets you 400 points and causes each remaining second to become worth 10 points. Your best strategy going into this challenge is to plummet to a batch of Flowerballs and then to glide from one patch to another.

Since Honey-Petal Crowns are the most valuable and they are generally within gliding distance from one another, you should consider dropping onto them and initiate the gliding process from there.

Lastly, make sure that you gather as many of both collectibles as possible within the given time-frame. When the time is about to run out, get to the finish line garland.

This way, you’ll be able to easily clear all three score thresholds and get your hands on the best rewards from the Windblume Festival Floral Freefall challenge.