Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Rewards Guide

This Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Rewards guide will describe all the mechanics of Adventure Rank and how to benefit from it to claim loot

This Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Rewards guide will describe all the mechanics of Adventure Rank, how to increase the rank and how to get/claim the rewards for it.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Rewards

The first thing that might come to your mind while playing Genshin Impact is, what exactly is Adventure Rank?

Basically, the Adventure Rank, like any rank, describes the progression level of your account.

It is not merely limited to the level of your character but is the progression magnitude of how well have you progressed in terms of completing objectives and collecting items.

It is also associated to other Levels/Ranks in the game. For example, you will need to have a certain Adventure Rank before you can unlock the next World Level by completing an Ascension Quest.

How to Increase Adventure Rank

In case you want to increase your Adventure Rank fast, you need to follow the below methods:

Complete the Archon Quests of Main Story
Click the Quests icon on top left to check for an Archon quest to take on.

Once you have complete the whole series, you will be required to increase your Adventure Rank further in order to avail the next series of Quests.

Complete daily commissions
Completing the daily quests will result in attaining 250 Adventure EXP per quests, and 400 EXP once you have complete all the daily quests.

Complete Domains and Hunts
Indicated by a Boss icon on the map, these Domains and Hunts require defeating specific enemies. Defeating them successfully will earn you good Adventure Rank experience.

Unlock teleport waypoints
You will have to explore the whole map in order to unlock as much teleport waypoints as possible. This will ultimately lead to gaining good adventure exp.

Open as many treasure chests as possible
Opening Treasure chests directly leads to gaining Adventure EXP since you will need to wander all around in order to locate these treasure chests.

All of the above-mentioned activities will earn you the Adventure EXP. The more Experience Points of Adventure you earn, more will your Adventure Rank increase.

Benefits & Rewards of Adventure Rank

The benefits of increasing your Adventure Rank are as follow:

Rank Benefit / Content Unlocked
12 Dailies
14 Dispatch System
16 Co-op System
Higher Archon Series & World Rank

Besides, in order to get/claim the rewards for your Adventure rank, you will need to talk to Adventures’ Guild receptionist.

Depending on your Adventure Rank, she will give you various rewards and a welcome windfall of Mora.

Here is a list of all the rewards that you will be getting based on your Adventure Rank:

Rank Reward(s)
1 None
2 None
3 None
4 Sweet Madame x 5
5 Acquaint Fate x 1
6 Sweet Madame x 5
7 Adventurer’s Tail Feather
8 Adventurer’s Bandana
9 Adventurer’s Flower
10 Prototype Rancour
11 Adventurer’s Golden Goblet
12 Fragile Resin
13 Acquaint Fate
14 Fragile Resin
15 Brilliant Diamond Silver
16 Fragile Resin
17 Goblet of the Sojourner
18 Fragile Resin
19 Feather of Homecoming
20 – 24 World Level 1
25 – 29 World Level 2
30-34 World Level 3
35-39 World Level 4
40-44 World Level 5
45-49 World Level 6
50-54 World Level 7
55-60 World Level 8