Gears Tactics Enemies Guide

Gears Tactics brings out a diverse set of enemy units, forcing the player to think creatively and devise strategies that...

Gears Tactics brings out a diverse set of enemy units, forcing the player to think creatively and devise strategies that are satisfying to execute. Dealing with Gears Tactics Enemies require specific ideas that need to be executed in order to tackle them head-on. The slightest misstep will result in your units’ demise.

In this guide, we have painted a general picture of each unit present in Gears Tactics to give you; the player, a better idea regarding what the Locust Horde has in store for you.

Gears Tactics Enemies

Hammerburst Drone
The very first basic enemies you will be encountering are the Hammerburst Drones armed with basic assault rifles.

Pretty easy to take out and control. Shoot them down or rush them with a chainsaw if you will, either way, they will be taken down, no problem.

Short and deadly, that’s how I’d define Wretches with two words. Try not to get too close or they will initiate a melee attack.

Wretches have low health and you can take these shorties down pretty easily if you position yourselves at a good medium distance.

Grenadier? Oh, yeah. Just as the name implies, these guys are brutes and to top it all off, they’re carrying a shotgun.

We all know what to do when an enemy has a shotgun; stay away, that’s right. If you move in too close, you risk getting brought down with as much as two shots only.

They’re tanky, and require a little bit of attention to be taken down; don’t let them pile up lest you regret it later.

Sniper Drone
Snipers are deadly with their equipped arsenal and can be quite a nuisance considering their placement relative to your position.

The best counter against these guys is to have a sniper of your own and take them out accordingly on the field.

You don’t want to get hit too much by these guys, or you’ll find yourself outmatched in no time.

Nemacysts locate themselves above the ground with one move, rain down all hell lose, literally.

They can cause a lot of damage to anyone trapped within the marked red zone. Make haste to the extraction point with these guys around to avoid taking too much damage.

Tanky and slow, Boomers are tough and equipped with a grenade launcher.

Taking them down requires ample firepower, and not to mention proper strategic positioning. Feel free to pick up their grenade launchers for personal use once you beat them.

Tickers are small and agile, means they can gain on you much faster compared to any other enemy on this list.

They are self-exploding creatures that will hit anyone in the blast radius for a significant amount of damage (Mostly a certain death).

Their presence on the battlefield can be described as a double-edged sword, you can kick them to the opponents and cause an explosion in your favor much the same.

Kantus is a support enemy buffing everyone alongside him on the field.

And, these buffs just can’t be pushed out of the way with brute force; trust me, trying to fight your way through +75% reduction in damage is as annoying as it sounds.

They need to be taken out in order to remove the buff and allow yourself an opportunity to take out the other mobs.

Theron Guard
Now, we’re getting to the big boy units who can essentially turn the tides in their own favor in an instant.

Theron Guards have the Torque Bow and will make their enemies vulnerable (25% increased damage and all enemy units will focus on marked vulnerable unit).

The Torque Bow shoots an AoE explosive, and the vulnerability screws your entire approach over in a snap.

Ukkon’s creation, the Disciple is a troublesome foe to deal with; his attack will simply push you out of the cover and interrupt your momentum.

Upon death, Disciples release a poisonous cloud that will apply a debuff on your units (Reduced damage output).

You will be facing off with Zealots for the first time at the end of the game’s campaign.

Co-incidentally, it has the same cloud effect upon death as disciple.

Try not to get close, and take it out from a distance, its melee attacks are very formidable and will cause you to be dazed and unable to use abilities for two turns.

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