Gears Tactics Combat Tips and Tricks

Master the turn based combat style of Gears Tactics with the help of these tips and tricks we have compiled to explain the game systems

In order to win the battle against the Locust, you must advance strategically and you must command your units accordingly! Only then you will be able to end the unrest caused by them. In the following Gears Tactics Combat Tips and Tricks I have summed up all the tips and tricks you must know and apply in the game to ensure your win against the enemy.

Gears Tactics Combat Tips and Tricks

Frag Grenades
Frag Grenades are going to be your utmost remedy against the hordes of locust! One frag grenade, if thrown right in the middle of the group can lower their health to almost half!

Not only that, but the frag grenades also interrupt them effectively making it easier for your squad to advance and wipe them off.

Choosing the right Squad
You just don’t start a mission by not studying it and choosing the right type of squad for it otherwise it will be nothing less than a suicide mission!

For instance, the Heavy squad is appropriate for Control missions as they have better anchored ability and have good accuracy in cover.

Similarly, for Scavenger missions you must have a Scouting squad as their ability to hide and sprint fast lets you cover significant distances undetected and really fast!

Snub Pistol
As unimportant the Snub pistols may feel in the game, as necessary they are for your squad’s survival!

All of your squad members have the snub pistol for a reason! This pistol will come in handy in a number of situations! First of all these are amazing close range weapons with enhanced accuracy!

You surely wont be missing your shots for sure! They also have the interruption ability which will interrupt your enemy’s overwatch and allow you to move around the map freely!

To avoid a sniper you can shoot it with your Snub pistol and avoid the snipers pinned ability too!

Last but not the least, if your primary weapon needs reloading and you are at the edge of finishing an enemy, use the Snub pistol instead!

Coordinating Skills and Abilities
When you are done choosing the right squad depending on the mission type its time to use their skills in a correlative manner!

You can always count on the support units when your aggressive units are in amidst raging battle. Invest in both passive and active abilities of your squad and they will be able to do more damage.

As important as it may be, let your squad back up each other, it’s equally important to invest in their skills to avoid bottlenecking.

Overwatch Ability
This ability will be your best friend when you are outnumbered and just cant rush on the enemies directly!

Overwatch ability can be thought of more like an ability allowing your units to not let a particular area on the map to be infiltrated by the enemies.

Once you choose a point on the map, your units acquire the positions and hold back the locust hordes along with interrupting them! This ability can be used as bait as well as a counter-attacking tactic.

When the locust are inclined towards taking the position you have and your units have already damaged them enough, your snipers and heavy units will finish them off.

With the Overwatch Ability, you will always have the furthest unit’s back!

Loot the Cases
Do not ignore the cases you find as you go through the map as they contain a lot of useful stuff that can help you upgrade base stats!

The weapons and armor you find in these cases will also buff up your squad’s abilities!

Make sure you move your squads over these cases to pick the loot up.

Furthermore, if you complete the optional on objectives you get these cases as a reward. So make sure you complete as many as you can.

Upgrading Weapons
Once you acquire the weapons and armor from the cases they will appear in the barracks tab in your home screen!

A unit that can equip a new weapon or amour will have a red triangle next to its name.

This will help you compare the stats with the new equipment and you can choose to equip whatever suits you best.

Always make sure that you are equipped with the best weapons and armor.

Look Out for Snipers
Snipers are your greatest enemy and could prove to be the reason for your failure in the battle. Especially with the pinned ability, they may cause your units to go out of cover as well.

Even though sometimes they do miss the shots but they are exceptionally accurate too and can wipe off half of your health.

The sniper drones will track your units and shoot at them if they move so make sure that taking out these sniper drones is your first priority only then will the rest of the battle be any easier!