Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Guide

Corpser is the boss that you will encounter at the end of Act 2 Chapter 8 and in this Gears Tactics guide we will show you how to defeat it

Corpser is the boss that you will encounter at the end of Act 2 Chapter 8, resulting in a boss fight that is more challenging and longer than Brumak boss fight. This Gears Tactics Corpser Boss Guide will help you defeat the boss with ease.

Gears Tactics Corpser Boss

The Corpser boss fight is arguably the longest boss fight of the game and can prove to be quite tedious since you will have to battle both the Corpser as well as the hordes of Locust.

To prepare for this fight, you should bring along support unit with multiple health stim abilities. Try to make sure that Gabe has these.

At the start of this battle, your units will be positioned behind the central raised platform.

You will encounter the Corpser and his allies; two disciples and two wretches.

You should place your units on the elevated central platform during the first round. The Corpser may first attack you from the middle to divide and conquer your units.

It may raise its legs for a wide front-to-back Leg slam attack.

Early on it will only use one leg to do so but as the fight goes on; it will keep switching to more. Avoid these at all costs, and position your troops accordingly.

You should be watchful of corners since you may find yourself trapped once the Corpser hurls a few proximity grenades around the map.

You can try to lure enemies into these so that they take damage. Try to stay clear of the corpser mines around the map.

Two wretches and a boomer will spawn through an E-hole will by the truck on the lower right side of the map.

It is useful to take down the Boomer and then use its weapon to attack the boss.

We are getting to the second phase of this fight. Now any remaining corpser mines will become triggered and explode.

The next turn will bring forth two grenadiers and five wretches from the right side.

Another E-hole will bring a boomer and two disciples. You will also have to deal with some wretches and grenadiers.

Fire at the Corpser as much as you can while handling these smaller enemies.

After a while, you will not need to worry about them too much so you will just need to focus on dodging the Leg Slams and staying away from the mines.

The Corpser’s health has 3 parts. Once you bring it down to the last third, you must take a few shots at the crane above its head.

This will bring it down and you must evade the three leg slams he will do. Finish the beast off and you will have completed this lengthy Corpser boss fight.