Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 6 Vantage Point Walkthrough

This Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 6 Vantage Point walkthrough will cover the entire mission in detail and help you regroup with your squad

After rescuing the poor souls from torture pods in The Outsider mission, your next one, Vantage Point mission requires you to escape and regroup with your squad. This Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 6 Vantage Point walkthrough will cover the entire mission in detail.

Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 6 Vantage Point

Your squad in Act 3 Chapter should preferably comprise of the following members

  • Reyna Torres – Level 6 Scout
  • Tyrone Wolf Shepherd – Level 6 Heavy
  • Gabe Diaz – Level 6 Support
  • Marcella Specter Trinh – Level 5 Scout

The foremost objective of this mission is to reach the gate protected by Locusts such as Wretches and Disciples.

Once you’ve reached the gate, eliminating the enemies on your way, you have to open it after which the main goal of the mission revolves around the whole squad regrouping at the lookout point which is a bit far from the gate, towards the North-eastern direction.

During this whole process, Gabe and Reyna must survive, otherwise, you will just be banging your head against the wall.

On your way to the gate, you will encounter 9-10 locusts, wretches and Disciples.

A bunch of them will be to the far-left side of your spawning position while the remaining will be encamped and taking cover near the gate.

For the locusts and wretches to the left of spawn, using proximity mines and then waiting for them to make a move is probably your best option as you won’t want them to get too near to you, in which case, the damage dealt could be fatal.

As far as the Disciples near the gate are concerned, approach them gradually, taking cover from the nearby boxes lying around.

Once you’ve gathered your squad near them and made a perfect kill zone with overwatch ability, it shouldn’t be much difficult to knock them down.

When all the enemy forces guarding the gate are down, proceed forward and open the gate. Now your objective is to regroup your squad at the lookout point.

The second phase of the mission begins with your squad entering the gate and taking cover behind the bigger of two buildings in front.

Plant proximity mines on either side of this building in case the locusts try to push you from either of the two sides.

Remember that survival of Gabe and Reyna is of paramount importance to the success of this mission so position them wherever they have the best guard.

I suggest you place Gabe behind the boxes with the building with Marcella and Reyna on his right, while positioning Tyrone behind the black boxes to the south-east of the building.

Now, wait for your foes to make a move with your proximity mines planted in the right places and brace yourself.

You won’t just be facing just locusts and wretches, you will also be dealing with the sneaky bomb carriers, tickers.

You have to be taking each and every move with extreme attentiveness, making sure your squadmates have the cover they need.

Once you have taken down the initial batch of enemies, move Gabe to the position where Tyrone is encamped.

Now launch a coordinated team attack using overwatch ability, annihilating the remaining locusts, wretches and tickers.

Now that you have clearly gained an upper hand, proceed forward slowly, being aware of a possible ambush. Once your whole team is standing on the lookout point, Chapter 6 of Act 3, Vantage Point, concludes.

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