Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 2 Biohazard Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you with completing the Act 3 Chapter 2 mission of Gears Tactics and help you finish the objective

In Act 3 Chapter 2, you will be tasked with securing some chemicals at an abandoned facility. We made this Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 2 Biohazard guide detailing a viable strategy along with the names of each enemy which you will be facing in this Gears Tactics mission.

As soon as you arrive, you will be ambushed by the Locust; who will come at you for a total of 3 waves. Their defeat is tantamount to the retrieval of all the chemicals. Overall, the mission isn’t too difficult.

Gears Tactics Act 3 Chapter 2 Biohazard

Secure the Chemicals
In the mission Biohazard, your Gears team is sent to an abandoned facility where you are faced with enemy re-enforcements as soon as you have had your first turn.

As there is plenty of cover to be had; be careful, and set your party to scout out all the possible points of entry to take a few of the Locust down right as their turn starts.

Make sure you have the left and right flanks covered, and to never let the Grenadiers get too close to your party.

The interiors at the left and the right side of the map can be used as the perfect cover to keep all the enemies at bay.

Use these to counter different waves of enemies, keeping a check in all directions to be successful in Act 3 Chapter 2 Biohazard mission.

You can either split your units up (In groups) or make them work together, it’s entirely up to you.


Wave 1 – x4 Wretches, x1 Hammerburst Drone.

Wave 2 – x3 Hammerburst Drones (Left side), x3 Hammerburst drones (Right side).

Wave 3 – x3 Wretches, x2 Hammerburst Drones (Bottom right).

Once you’ve cleared out all the waves, complete your objective and head towards extraction.

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