Gears of War 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

If you are having trouble in find the collectible items in Gears of War 3, you can refer to our guide for the lead.

In Gears of War 3, there are a total of 42 collectibles including some documents and random items. Then there are 15 COG tags hidden to be explored throughout the singleplayer campaign. These collectibles can earn you three achievements; Collector, Pack Rat, and Hoarder. The following Gears of War 3 Collectibles Locations guide will help you find all these 42 hidden items.

Gears of War 3 Collectibles Locations

Collectibles – Act 1

There are 14 Collectibles in Act 1

Chapter 1 – Anchored
#1 Twenty Dollar Bill
Location – You can find it on the table in the room where you start the game.

#2 Dom’s Psych Report
Location – You can find the report in the room to your left before entering Dom’s quarters.

#3 Requisition Form
Location – It’s in a room just past Dom’s quarter. You can find it on the table.

Chapter 2 – Abandoned Ship
#4 Silverback Manual
Location – Before riding the silverback, you can get the manual to the left.

Chapter 3 – Homecoming
#5 Journal
Location – When that person asks you to move into light. Beak the door to your left and collect the item inside.

#6 Child’s Diary
Location – In the playground, after you have cleared the area, move near the slide to find the diary.

#7 Grocery List
Location – In the grocery section while your mates are talking about Polyps, move along the right side till you find the list.

Chapter 4 – Helping Hand
#8 Clipping Times Tribune
Location – You can find it behind the cargo container. You will find the cargo container in the camp’s warehouse while with the leader of stranded.

Chapter 5 – MVP
#9 Cougar Season Program
Location – In the cougar stadium, choose to take the upper path. As you move along this path, there will be a shop with plenty of umbrellas in there. The program is behind the counter.

#10 Cougar’s Playing Handbook
Location – Before moving to Sec T (marked above the gate), move to the vending machine to the right wing to grab this item.

#11 Cole’s Championship Ring
Location – When Cole acts like a football player, you can find the ring near the dead women.

#12 Chapter 6 – Hanging By a Thread
Toll Booth Tokens
Location – You can find these tokens near the toll booth around the corner. Move north east to find them.

#13 Bayonet
Location – After the toll booth section, you will find a wooden box in a cargo container. Destroy it to get the knife.

#14 Sightseeing Book
Location – After moving through the tunnel, use the stairs leading to the Tickers. You will find the book on the floor.

Collectibles – Act 2

There are 6 Collectibles in Act 2

Chapter 1 – Shipwrecked
#15 Tomatoes A Beginners Guide
Location – At the start of the chapter, head inside that cargo container to find the guide.

#16 Octus Medal Diploma
Location – Jest after your first encounter with enemies in this act, you will spot a burning chopper to your right. The diploma is lying beside it.

#17 Captain’s Log
Location – After fighting with the Siege beast, there will be a dissected path. Along the right wing is a dead end. Deal with the locusts and then shoot the boxes above lurking from the edge. You will have the Captain’s log.

Chapter 4 – Trench Run
#18 Locust Hammer
Location – Before you start climbing uphill, look for the hammer behind the crates.

Chapter 5 – Hi-Jack
#19 Queen Symbol
Location – When you see the queen for the first time, deal with the enemies that attack you afterwards. On one side of the opened gate is a tower. Open the gate below the tower to get the symbol.

Chapter 6 – Airborne
#20 Manifest
Location – When the gate opens showing you plenty of reavers on the other side, move through it and you will find some burning scarp on the left side. Manifest in inside the wreckage.

Collectibles – Act 3

There are 7 Collectibles in Act 3

Chapter 1 – Unbreakable

#21 Anvil Gate Plague
Location – After the cutscene, you can find it on the wall behind you.

#22 Watercolor Painting
Location – After fighting with the first wave at the fort. Move upstairs on the right before moving through the gate. You will find the painting on the wall.

#23 Sam’s Father’s Medal
Location: – When you are defending the front gate, turn left and move back through the hallways. You will find a small room where the medal along with some ammo can be found.

Chapter 2 – Rescue
#24 Journal
Location – While you are fighting with the berserker, you can find it on the shack near the ammo.

Chapter 4 – Ghost Town
#25 Panicked Note
After you meet that crazy dude, head down the stairs and look for the note on the floor.

Chapter 5 – Brothers to End
#26 Message
Location: -After the first attack, climb the ladder and head left to find the Message.

#27 Air Raid Shelter Sign
Location – You will find the sign just after you exit the church. Move to your left side to find it on a wood structure.

Act 4

There are 6 Collectibles in Act 4

Chapter 2 – Crater
#28 Journal
Location – When the chapter start, you will be able to find a wooden door. Open it to get the journal.

Chapter 3 – Hang ‘Em High
#29 Fuel Order
Location – When you need to repair the cable cars, don’t enter the building ahead. Head north east instead to find the item near the dead body.

#30 Old Magazine
Location – In the Griffin’s Tower (while saving Dizzy), look for the sofa with plenty of guns around. You will the magazine under it.

Chapter 4 – Batten Down the Hatches
#31 Tabloid
Location – The area where you fight with emulsion infected arachnid, search for this item behind the cargoes on the right.

Chapter 5 – Bon Voyage
#32 Bulletin
Location – In the section where Rotor is present. Deal with the enemies first and then move down to enter a room where you can find this item on the floor.

#33 Contractor Report
Location – You need to look for it on the floor of the second storage door on second floor (on your way to the dock).

Act 5

There are 9 Collectibles in Act 5

Chapter 1 – Home Away From Home
#34 Pamphlet
Location – At the Train station (from the docks), head up the stairs before the train and you will find it at the end of hallway to your left.

#35 Assault Plans
Location – While heading towards the Maelstrom Facility, there will be a cave in your way. Kick the rails inside to reveal the plans.

Chapter 2 – Black Out
#36 Schematics
Location – Before you enter the room having generator switches, you will be in a room where you can find a red button on a desk at the center. Press it to open a hatch. Schematics will be inside.

Chapter 3 – Shattered Paradise
#37 Money Stack

Location – In the hallway having plenty of scattered luggage, head left and at the end, you will find two doors. You can move the tile (press “x”) there to open the door. Head inside to collect the money stack.

#38 Diary
Location – After destroying the dam. Inside the hotel, go up to grab the diary place on the table.

Chapter 4 – Threshold
#39 Memorial Announcement
Location – As the chapter starts, you can find a female statue placed on a support.

#40 Announcement
Location – After using the elevator to get to the top floor, call it again to find the poster off the wall.

Chapter 5 – Ascension
#41 Brochure
Location – After the elevator, move to the floor below. You will find this item placed in one of the corners in the north west section.

#42 Fenix Research
Location – After you rescue Adam Fenix, you can find the research on the table.

If you have any other tips about these Gears of War 3 Collectibles Locations, do share with us in the comments. And if you are looking to find the COG tags, follow this guide for the assistance.

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