Gears of War 3 COG Tags Locations Guide

There is a total of 15 COG tags dispersed throughout the story mode. Some of them are easy while others are hard to find.

Usually, these are the collectibles that make fans to play the story mode of a game more than once. Like the previous two installments, Gears of War 3 also has some items (57) scattered throughout the campaign. Among these collectibles, there are 15 COG tags hidden to be explored. The following guide will help you find all those Gears of War 3 COG tags locations in the game.

Gears of War 3 COG Tags Locations

Note: The Gears of war logos on different objects symbolize the COG tags nearby.

#1 Prologue
Location – You will find the first tag in the cell next to you. Open the door and the COG tag will be inside.

#2 Act 1 – Chapter 1 (Anchored)
Location – On the deck, after you deal with the lambent wave, look for a metal container with Gears of War logo on it. You will find the tag on the dead soldier there.

#3 Act 1 – Chapter 3 (Homecoming)
Location – In the grocery section, before you use the loader machine, the tag can be found near the computer table.

#4 Act 1 – Chapter 4 (Helping Hand)
Location – When you are heading for the stadium after the warehouse, you can find a logo on a bricked wall. You will find a dead body with a COG tag ahead on the right side.

#5 Act 1 – Chapter 6 (Helping Hand)
Location – After you go to the toll bridge, you will see a ladder before the turret, that will be located at left side of the bridge, while the other ladder will be on the rig   ht side on the bridge if you head a bit further into the place. This Cog Tag will be located on the walkway below the bridge

#6 Act 2 Chapter 1: Shipwreck
Location – The place where you fight with Brumak and other locusts on the beach is a cargo container. You can find the COG tag placed beside it.

#7 Act 2 – Chapter 3 (Forced Entry)
Location – You need to kill 5 guards without sounding the alarm. A side door will open which can lead you down to the COG tag.

#8 Act 2 – Chapter 6 (Airborne)
Location – After dealing with the reapers in Dizzy’s fort, move across the street. Get into that demolished building to find the COG tag.

#9 Act 3 – Chapter 2 (Rescue)
Look for this COG on the floor near the gate. Stay alert as Lambent can be annoying in there.

#10 Act 3 – Chapter 4 (Ghost Town)
On your quest to find that idiot, you will come across a meat stand. You can also find the logo pasted on the wall in the back room. Go outside the meat stand and you will find the COG tag immersed in blood.

#11 Act 4 – Chapter 1 (Ashes to Ashes)
Location – After you deal with the Polyps inside the thrown (by the Ash man) container before you enter the building, there is a COG tag along with the dead body near the building to your left side.

#12 Act 4 Chapter 5: Bon Voyage
Before moving to the dockyard, you will find a cargo container on the right side with the Gears logo. The COG tog is behind this container.

#13 Act 5 – Chapter 2 (Black Out)
Location – Use the silverback and get into it before going up the lift. After the elevator look for the rooms marked with 3 on both sides. Head inside and you will find the Gears logo there. Break the barricade and head inside for the COG tag.

#14 Act 5 – Chapter 3 (Shattered Paradise)
Location – When you are in plaza section after the white angle statue room, you will find a dead body somewhere on the right corner. The COG tag is beside it.

#15 Act 5 – Chapter 5 (Ascension)
Location – In the dark room, you can use the highlight feature to spot some boxes near the Gears logo on the wall. Break these boxes to find the tag.

Finding all 15 COG tags will earn you “Remember the Fallen” achievement. For assistance in other collectibles (42 in total) you can refer to our Collectibles Location Guide.

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