GDDR6 Supply For Next-Gen Nvidia GTX 1180 In Jeopardy Thanks To AI And Machine Learning

A report has emerged suggesting that the GDDR6 supply for next-gen Nvidia GTX 1180 and AMD GPUs will see competition from outside of the GPU market which might put GDDR6 supply in Jeopardy for next-gen GPUs.

Next-gen Nvidia GTX 1180 and AMD GPUs will be using the GGDDR6 memory as VRAM, which provides better performance compared to the GDDR5.

According to the report from EE Times, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sector of the market will be using the GDDR6 memory as they require ultra-fast memories to operate properly.

Applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which need ultra-fast memories, have shorted gamers of their GDDR supply, so it’s probably a good idea that makers of the technology are ramping up delivery.

According to the report, the following sectors can potentially further eat up the GDDR6 supply for next-gen Nvidia GTX 1180, as these sectors have moved away from DDR3 and DRR4 memories and benefit greatly from the use of high-bandwidth GDDR memory.

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Automotive
  • 4K and 8K video processing
  • AR and VR hardware
  • Data center and networking applications
  • Cryptocurrency applications

However, GGDR6 manufacturers are also prepared for that and have ramped up their production of the GDDR6 memory.

But, as we have seen in the past, things could take an ugly turn as the companies can only speculate the GDDR6 supply.

Some of you must be wondering why these sectors won’t use the HBM2 memory which provides more bandwidth and other benefits compared to GDDR6. Well, the GDDR6 memory can provide up to 20 Gbps bandwidth and can even surpass HBM2.

Not only that, the GDDR6 memory is also cheaper compared to the HBM 2, so that might be the reason why other sectors outside of the GPU market are trying to get their hands on the GDDR6 memory.

Another sector that can potentially each up the GDDR6 supply is the next-Xbox as the job listing for Microsoft suggests that the next-Xbox will use the GDDR6 memory.

We might be looking at the similar situation that occurred earlier this year, which is the shortages of GPUs due to cryptocurrency. With so many sectors eating up GDDR6 supply, we can expect shortages for next-gen GTX 1180 and AMD GPUs.

However, if the memory manufacturers are actually able to keep up with the demand then we won’t be looking at such problems.

What do you think of other sectors potentially jeopardizing the GDDR6 supply? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: EE Times

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