Gamers Have Bought More Copies of Breath of the Wild Than Nintendo Switch Units

Nintendo’s Switch is a huge success and has almost sold a million units around the world. Its biggest launch game, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, has also proved to be a huge money maker for the company.

But the sales number for both products raise a very interesting question. Nintendo Switch has sold 906,000 units while Breath of the Wild is at 925,000 copies. Notice something? Switch version of Zelda has sold more copies than the console itself.

It is a little odd and not something you see everyday. How could this be? Well, there are very simple explanations for what might have happened.

Many Nintendo fans are hardcore collectors and don’t shy away from buying more than one item at a time. It is possible that a chunk of Nintendo Switch’s user base bought two copies of Zelda. It is not uncommon for collectors to buy two copies, one for their collection, and the other to actually play.

The other explanation is that many got their hands on the game first before picking up the console. Why you ask? It could be due to early shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles. Possibly, they picked up the game in wait for Switch to be back in stock.

Nintendo Switch is slowly coming back in stock at most retailers so the difference in sales numbers should fade-out soon.

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Did you buy Nintendo Switch or Zelda first? Do you collect Nintendo games?

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