Gamer Completes Prey Speedrun In Seven Minutes Through Glitches

The gamer SeekerTV has completed a Prey speedrun in less than 7 minutes by utilizing a whole bunch of various glitches to complete the 30 hour game fast.

A gamer by the name of SeekerTV has completed a Prey speedrun in less than 7 minutes, managing the seemingly impossible feat through a collection of glitches that allowed him to make it through the entire 30-hour game in less than 10 minutes, from the very first seconds, after a lot of practice.

The run starts almost immediately with Seeker using a stool and putting it on top of a doorway in order to jump up from the “apartment” that you start the game in and breaking out through the ceiling. From there a variety of other glitches are used to allow Seeker to travel through the rest of the station at (comparatively) lightning speeds.

The Prey speedrun is the culmination of a long period of practice, as Seeker TV’s YouTube channel is filled with him “practicing”, discovering various glitches and making sure he could repeatedly get through them to help with the speedrun. There are also a number of other run attempts, and the seven-minute run is likely the best of those.

Many speedrunners make use of various glitches as they speedrun through various games to cut down on time, but Seeker may be the first one to use it to go through Prey. Since the game only came out back in May, someone being able to uncover so many glitches to make their way through definitely speaks to a good bit of dedication and research.

For someone to actually beat Seeker’s time, they would have to be able to do all of the glitches not only in the exact same way as he did, but they would also have to somehow do it even faster.

If you want to see SeekerTV’s Prey speedrun, you can find it further up at the top of this article. It’s seven minutes that you won’t regret.

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