Game Releases of This Week – Lost Sphere, Monster Hunter: World, The Inpatient (January 2018)

In this article, we discuss all of the video game releases that are scheduled to launch in the last week of January 2018.

2018 has started and spring is approaching fast. For us gamers, spring season means four months of non-stop new titles that ought to keep us busy until fall. Like any year, this spring is getting a plethora of amazing games as well. Starting this week, we are starting to get many awesome Game Releases that we were waiting for a long time.

It includes the most awaited Monster Hunter: World that has been teasing us with betas for some time now. Along with Monster Hunter: World, we are also getting the Anime favorite Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is taking a new take on the Dragon Ball franchise. Let us look at some of the hottest Game Releases due to land on our platforms this week!

Lost SphereJanuary 23
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4

Developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix, Lost Sphere is a Japanese role-playing game or JRPG for short. We all remember I Am Setsuna and how beautiful that game was. Lost Sphere comes from the same company and it is considered as a spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna. Since it is coming from the same team of developers, we can expect many similarities referring it to the original I am Setsuna.

It takes us back to 90s with its unique visual style and brings many features from I am Setsuna. Lost Sphere has an improved form of the active battle system, which was first seen in older games such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. We also get to wear new Mech Suits to help us during battles and different scenarios. Apart from these new changes, it also features a new memory system, which affects how the world is rebuilt.

The InpatientJanuary 23
Platforms: PS4


This year starts with a horror game specifically built for PSVR system. The Inpatient is set before the story of Until Dawn and it hence a prequel to it. It is developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony exclusively for the PS4 and its VR headset. Ever since the launch of PSVR, we were lacking some stellar titles to really experience the true glory of the VR system. With The Inpatient, we can hope that we can really dive deep down with immersiveness of a VR headset and the awesome setting the game offers.

Although it is a prequel to the Until Dawn, it is set a good 60 years before the events of Until Dawn and it focuses on the story of an unnamed patient who is inside Blackwood Sanatorium. Our goal is to escape from the sanatorium while uncovering the twisted truths and history of Blackwood Sanatorium. Although it does not relate much to the original game, the location used here is a key location in Until Dawn so we expect to learn a lot more about the events of Until Dawn.

IconoclastsJanuary 23
Platforms: PS4, PS Vita, and PC

Iconoclasts is a fun action platformer coming to us after nearly seven years of development. It is developed by Joakim ‘Konjak’ Sandberg and published by Bifrost Entertainment. The developer has taken a good time developing the game so we are hoping to see a very good product and much work has gone into making Iconoclasts the best action platformer of this time. With many games in the same genre taken us by surprise so Iconoclasts has much to do to make a place for itself.

In Iconoclasts, we will set in shoes of Robin who is a renegade mechanic and is very good with his wrench. We set on a journey to save Robin’s planet, which is dying so we will uncover secrets and the real reasons behind the planet’s current condition. The world is huge and beautiful and we will come across different puzzles and huge robot robots. We also help different people along our journey and make many new friends. At this point, the game looks amazing so we are looking forward to playing it.

Dragon Ball FighterZJanuary 26
Platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC

We all love Dragon Ball franchise and the newest title coming in the franchise is Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is developed by Arc System Works and published by Namco Bandai Games. We start 2018 with endless fighting experience in our favorite universe. Dragon Ball FighterZ ditches the fully 3D world and goes 2.5D with endless fighting. Pick your favorite hero and engage in brutal and huge battles with other heroes of the same universe.

We have all the heroes from the Dragon Ball franchise spanning different generations. Simply pick your favorite hero and get on a rampage of defeating other heroes. The fights are huge and amazing with the same mechanics of the Xenoverse games. This makes this game the perfect Dragon Ball game that we have been waiting for ages.

Monster Hunter: WorldJanuary 26
Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One

Our most anticipated game of this week is the Monster Hunter- World, which is coming after making us wait for a long time. It is developed by and published by Capcom. Monster Hunter: World is a role-playing game and has tons of content to offer to the players. For the first time, we are seeing a Monster Hunter game on an Xbox as well. It brings the joy of defeating giant and vicious monsters in a free, thriving ecosystem.

Each monster is unique and requires you to prepare well for taking them down. You will be a hunter who is set to defeat all monsters roaming the ecosystems.

You have tons of weapons, armor and consumable items to make each encounter with monsters a unique one. Capcom has been teasing us with betas for quite some time and it is now finally the time when we will be able to experience the full game soon.

Did we miss your favorite Game Releases landing in the last week of January 2018? If yes then use the comments section below to tell us your favorite games coming this week or in the coming days!

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