Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips and Strategies Guide – Upgrades, Combat, Peace Shield, Allegiance Rallies Companions

The new Game of Thrones game released by Warner Brothers will be much awaited by fans of the series. The conquest game is not that easy to learn so it is better if you have a walkthrough companion that can help you get started. This Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips and Strategies Guide will give you a number of tips and tricks on how to quickly get off and running in the new game. Read on to find out what is the first things that you need to do and how you can quickly progress through the game.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips and Strategies Guide

In this Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips and Strategies Guide, we have detailed all that you need to know about the ASOIAF experience on your mobile devices.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips and Tricks

Game of Thrones: Conquest Basics

One of the first things that you should do is complete the quests. They are basic tasks that you can complete by just playing through the game. Completing these quests will help you understand the basics of the game and you will earn a lot of rewards to get you started in the mode.

It is also worthwhile to remember the fact that you need to keep your Farms and Sawmills upgraded. This should be your priority tasks due to the plethora of advantages that they provide to you. Upgrading them will also complete a quest and get you the rewards associated with it.

Try to mobilize your troops to gather as many resources as you can. Attacking other houses comes at a later stage since you need the resources for a war. Look for points on the map that contain the ‘Gather’ option so that you can get your hands on as much of the diverse kinds of resources that are offered by the developers.

It is a good idea to send your troops to gather resources while you sleep since you will not lose them in case of an enemy attack.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Combat Tips

The majority of games in the genre offer you some kind of immunity at the start of a game so that you do not get looted when you are extremely weak. In the new GoT game, you will start off with only an 8-hour Peace Shield which is not optimal, but you can acquire more peace shields as you progress through the game.

Try to save these shields for emergencies such as when you are low on resources or are a lower level than the house that you want to attack.

Also, remember that you should scout any place that you are planning on attacking. This is a tip that each and every veteran of this genre will be aware of. Scouting will help you get information on a number of resources that they have, the troops, and the general state of the house. After scouting, you can decide if you want to attack the house.

Apart from this, your focus should be on training rarer troops as they will be required when you face other houses of higher levels. A house with less manpower but better and rarer troops has a much higher chance of winning a battle against your house and vice versa.

So remember to train troops that have a decent rarity to stay ahead of the pack. Also, remember that you can use the teleport function to get out of tight situations, learn all of the intricacies of the teleport function as it may be your saving grace one day.

Game of Thrones: Conquest Advanced Tips and Tricks

It is always worth your while to be aware of the Power Ratings of your house. It will go up if you are victorious in battles or if you complete a certain quest. You always want to attack the houses that have a lower power rating than you do since it will be easier for you to win that battle.

You also want to fully utilize the social features of the game, which we know will be a troubling idea for some. However, you can join Allegiances that offer a lot of advantages to beginners and advanced players alike. You want to join an active allegiance, as it will give you numerous allies that can help you in battle.

You can also take part in Allegiance Rallies in which you team up with your mates to attack enemies and the vaunted Seats of Power.

Money management is also an important aspect of the game and you do not want to spend your coins on instant completion, as it will be an utter waste of them.

You can always use the speedups instead of them. Save your coins for other, more important stuff. Also, remember to log into the game every day for the rewards that are offered. The best rewards are offered for those who have played the game for seven consecutive days.

Lastly, remember to kill all of the AI controlled creatures that you come across, as they will grant you additional resources and items that will be very helpful for waging war against other houses.

If your current quest asks you to kill a specific creature, you can use the Creature Finder feature on the left side of your screen and the game will tell you where the creature is located.

That is all we have for our Game of Thrones: Conquest Tips and Strategies Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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