Full Days Gone Map Leaked Ahead of Its Release

Several screenshots of the Days Gone’s map have surfaced on the webs thanks to a recent preview event where the game was showcased. Players have commented that the map and open-world of the game look incredible and well-detailed.

Players can use the map system within the game to navigate the zombie-filled open-world, to plan ahead, and avoid hordes of zombies to see which areas are safe, and to collect supplies.
The vibe of traveling through the open-world is similar to Sons of Anarchy combined with The Walking Dead.

The map screen also shows the on-going storyline as well as a brief recap of the previous events. You can select the next mission from this screen and then ride your motorcycle through the world to that location. The player will be able to navigate to other menus such as the skill-tree, inventory, and storyline.


With all the rumors surrounding the next PlayStation being unveiled soon, it is being speculated that Days Gone may receive a remastered release for the PS5. It is not uncommon for games to receive remasters for new hardware.

We have already seen this happen with The Last of Us which was originally released for the PS3 but then received a remaster for the PS4 later on.

Days Gone already looks gorgeous thanks to Unreal Engine 4 but new hardware will allow the game to look even more realistic, so no complaints there!

Days Gone is an open-world zombie survival game developed for the PlayStation by SIE Bend Studio.

Source: Gamereactor

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