The Avengers Game Is Reportedly a PS5 and Xbox Anaconda Title

The Avengers Game is reportedly a PS5 and Xbox Anaconda game it seems. There is a new job listing that has revealed more about the game.

The Avengers game is currently under development at Crystal Dynamics, the creators of Tomb Raider games. The studio recently posted a job listing for an external producer to work with external partners on next-gen game releases. Right now, the biggest external IP in development at Crystal Dynamics is The Avengers game.

Crystal Dynamics is the creator of Tomb Raider games but last year’s installment was developed by Eidos Montreal. The reason being Crystal Dynamics’ involvement with The Avengers Project which now seems like a next-gen game. The job listing indicates that The Avengers game would release on PS5, Xbox Lockhart, and Xbox Anaconda.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics avoided showing The Avengers ever since its announcement. At this point, it is unclear if this game is exclusive to next-gen consoles and PC or we’ll see PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions as well.

Crystal Dynamics plans to give The Avengers Project a brand new and original storyline.

The Lead Producer will have demonstrable experience working with external partners to build next-gen console and PC games. This individual will have outstanding communication skills and a proven track record in Development and Production. The successful candidate will work directly with studio leadership and hold accountability for staying in budget while delivering premium quality on the project milestones. Exposure to formal project management techniques on a multi-million dollar, highly rated AAA games a must; previous experience building and maintaining schedules is essential.

Next gen consoles are right around the corner. At E3 2019, Microsoft is expected to announce its new console codenamed Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda. Meanwhile, Sony is skipping E3 this year but will host PlayStation Experience in December 2019.

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