Friday the 13th: The Game Guide – How to Repair A Car, Car Keys Location, Gas Can Location, Car Battery Location

Friday the 13th: The Game Guide will help you with the repairing a car in the game so that you can escape the camp and win the game. Repairing a car in Friday The 13th: The Game is not an easy task as you are required to have components to fix the car and that is where this guide comes in.

Friday the 13th: The Game is a multiplayer action survival game in which up to seven players are dropped in a map as camp counsellors and one as Jason himself. The goal is simple for the counsellors, survive and escape the camp. The game is based on the popular movie franchise of the same name.

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Friday the 13th: The Game Guide

Many of you would not bother with repairing the car as you will be busy running for your life as Jason is pursuing you. However, this might be difficult for you but don’t let fear stop you from gathering items to repair a car as this is one the main ways to exit the camp and win.

How To Repair A Car

Each map has two cars that need to be repaired in order to use them as a means of your escape. First, locate the car by opening up your map. While you can repair the car alone, however, it would be recommended that you work alongside other counsellors. To repair the car you will require these items: Keys for the car, Gas Can, and a Car battery, and these are compulsory as you can’t escape without these items.

Locate these items you will need to explore cabins in the area surrounding the area where the car is located. You will often find “Car Keys” in drawers. However, it is not guaranteed that you will find the Car Keys in the drawers. Car Keys are the easiest to manage of all three items required to repair the car, as it only requires one slot.

The Gas can and Car battery can be found in one of the cabins on the ground, so basically you will have to go through some cabins in the area surrounding the car. Once you get your hand on either Gas can or the battery make sure to go to the car and start repairs on the car which requires you to play a mini-game.

Also, you will be stuck in one position if you are playing the mini-game and that is why you need other counsellors with you as they will distract Jason from killing you as you repair the car.

To install the battery head to the open hood of the car and interact with it which will prompt you to complete the mini-game. The mini-game is essentially a circle with various bars inside. Each bar acts as an action prompt where you have to press whichever button indicator appears. Also, you will have to time the button prompt right in addition to just pressing it as each wrong move Jason will be alerted and depending how many mistakes you make you might need to flee from the area after installing the part.

Once you have successfully completed the mini-game and the parts are installed, get inside the car and start the car using the Car keys. However, there is a delay in starting the car, so if Jason is near you then you might want to wait a bit for him to go away.

Once the car starts, drive through the camp’s front gates onto the main road. Also, be careful while driving the car as hitting it with an object will damage it and you will have to again start the car with the delay. Also, Jason can spawn in front of the car and will try to stop the car using his body and you will have to avoid him by driving around him, as hitting him will not damage or stun him.

That is all for our Friday the 13th: The Game guide for how to repair the car and how to find the components to repair the car.

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