Friday the 13th: The Game Errors, Crashes, Launcher, Bugs, Connectivity and Fixes

How to fix Friday the 13th: the game errors, crashes, bugs, black screen issues, connectivity issues, missing DLL and related problems.

Remember Evolve? The multiplayer-focused game where players need to take down the monster while the monster would grow stronger as the time passes? Well, Friday the 13th: The Game uses the similar formula only that, Jason Vorhees is the monster and up to 7 players can join forces to survive, escape or even kill him. Killing him is the toughest task so players primarily try to survive or escape.

Survival horror games like these have a hardcore following and the game already has a high rating based on the current reviews on Steam. From the technical point of view, the game has a few issues, but overall it’s a solid PC version. If you are looking to fix any problem you might be facing related to Friday the 13th: The Game, we have the possible solutions to the most common problems being faced by players.

#1 Friday the 13th: The Game Bug, Can’t Get CP
Currently, some users are reporting that they aren’t getting any CP even after a lot of matches. You get CP when you level up so if you aren’t getting proper XP after the match, that could be due to a bug. The bug has been discussed multiple times on forums so if you are facing the issue, make sure that your game is up to date as a fix should be on its way soon.

#2 Friday the 13th: Game Launcher Crashes due to Anticheat not Working
If you are facing this problem, you need to verify your game files via Steam. Also, make sure that your game is not being blocked any firewall or antivirus software.

#3 Friday the 13th: The Game Black Screen Issue
Multiple users have reported that they are getting a black screen on launch and some even can’t hear sounds in the background with the black screen. First thing you should do is make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date. If that doesn’t work, try running the game in windowed mode.

#4 Friday the 13th: The Game error 0x887a0006 – ‘hung’ Fix
The error apparently was also prevalent in Dead by Daylight. So if you are looking for a fix, you can try this workaround. So yea lowering the GPU clock memory might just do the trick for you. Just make sure that you aren’t missing any game files by verifying them via Steam.

#5 Friday the 13th: The Game Jason Teleportation Bug
Jason’s teleportation ability is definitely one of the scariest ones for survivors, However, unlike some claiming it to be a bug, it’s a feature and is meant to work like that for the time being. Will the developer decide to change it, that remains to be seen.

#6 Friday the 13th: Missing DLL or Error
If you are facing any dll related issue, you should go to redist folder of your game’s directory and install all the executables inside it. After all the setups are complete, you should restart your PC ones before you try to start the game again.

#7 Friday the 13th: The Game Failed to Join the Party
If your firewall or antivirus is not blocking the game’s connection, then you should probably wait for a patch as a patch is in the works since it’s a known issue. Sometimes, issues like these can also be fixed by restarting the router.

#8 Friday the 13th: The Game EAC_Launcher.exe – Application Error
If you are getting this error then you should restart your PC. Multiple users have reported that a simple restart made the launcher working and they could enter the game.

#9 Friday the 13th: The Game Database Login Failure
If you are getting this issue, it’s because their servers are being overloaded and there is not space for you to get in. So for now, you will have to wait and try sometime later.

If you are facing any other issues, let us know in the comments below!

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