Free 20th Anniversay SHAREfactory Theme for the PS4 App Goes Live

20th Anniversary of PlayStation came recently, and Sony Corporation celebrated the event expansively. However, some small bits and pieces of celebrations are still going on for instance, this new SHAREfactory Theme that went live for free.

It’s been 20 years since the launch of the original PlayStation. Help us celebrate by downloading the PlayStation 20th Anniversary SHAREfactory Theme and relive some of your favorite PlayStation memories of the past.

As far as features of the PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme for the app are concerned, Sony is getting you a number of things. Read up below:

  • 4 intros
  • 4 outros
  • 11 title clips
  • 8 custom transitions
  • 26 stickers
  • 4 background images

However, you should keep in mind that “this SHAREfactory Theme can only be used with the SHAREfactory app for PS4 and is NOT a Theme for your PS4 home screen.” So you should not confuse yourself between the two.

If you are using SHAREfactory app, you should get this since it reminds us of the good old days and does all that for free as well. This is where you can get it.

However, Sony is not handling all of its processes as smoothly as this one, for instance, their official Facebook recently pronounced PlayStation Vita as “dead.” It might have been a mistake, but it sure was one hell of a mistake.

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