PlayStation Vita is Dead, Says PlayStation Asia on Facebook

While we, being the users and critics of all things gaming, are not really pushing the idea that we are done with PlayStation Vita, it appears that someone at PlayStation Asia Division thinks so.

It might have just been their social media manager, or simply the wrong choice of sentences, but their official Facebook page itself pronounced PS Vita as “dead.”

What happened was that they shared a link to a review of Tearaway Unfolded done by Destructoid and added one of the reviewers remarks to the description of the post. Their selection could not have been worse than this:

A lot of care went into Unfolded. It may be another tacit admission that the Vita is dead, but at least this incredible, surprising game did not die with it.

Those sentences above were specifically chosen by the social media manager of PlayStation Asia to accompany the text, but the guy soon realized the mistake and edited the post. However, it wasn’t before people were able to take screenshots. Here’s one:

Did the guy indirectly try to tell everyone that even Sony is done with PlayStation Vita?

It does bring up the debate whether the handheld should continue to be as it is or get replaced by something else. What is your take on it?

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