Shared World In Forza Horizon 4 Has Been Tweaked To User’s Fondness, Creative Director Says

In the recent event held by both the Microsoft and Playground, some really intresing details about the shared world in Forza Horizon 4 have surfaced.

All hands are on deck for the upcoming Forza Horizon 4 this October. So it is a perfect time for the publishers and the developers, Microsoft, and Playground Games to hold events in order to amp up the hype.

In the recent event held by both the Microsoft and Playground, some really interesting details surfaced. Among that revealed information about this anticipated game, was one regarding the “shared world” of the game.

According to the creative director of the game, Ralph Fulton, shared world in Forza Horizon 4 has been tweaked to the liking of the audience.

What he meant by it is that everyone at the studio was aware of the fact that shared world, would be a huge liability for the game. The studio was very much against putting shared world in the game, as per his word, according to the team shared-world games are not only terrible, rather dreadful, in fact horrible.

However, the reasons that make shared world horrible have been plucked out and incarcerated for good. Ralph Fulton said:

When we started thinking about having a shared world in Forza Horizon 4, and thought it was the way to go, a ton of people in the studio just suddenly started going, “Yeah, but shared-world games suck as this, and they do this wrong, and this is just annoying.” So we put all of those ideas in a bucket and we fixed every single one of them. And not being able to pause, that was one of them.

So some of the tweaks, which have been made in the shared world of Forza Horizon 4 include the fact that the game can now be paused. However, the only thing that won’t pause is time because time never stops for anyone that is why it will not stop, when you pause the game.

So if you pause the game, you will stop but other people will keep on going as time does not stop. Which means that you might end up losing the race but it does make proper sense.

Well, yeah. It’s like if you were in a real race and you’ll pull over to the side of the road.

Another fascinating tweak he added was that if you lose your internet connection, your game will not end in a way. Rather than kicking you to the main menu, the game will seamlessly transit you into the solo world. In fact, the transition he says is so seamless that you won’t even notice.

If your Internet connection goes down, or our servers go down, the game seamlessly transitions you to being in a solo world. You won’t even notice, though you will get a little message telling you, “You don’t need an Internet connection to play Forza Horizon 4”.

So with the release date approaching fast, interesting details seem to surface. If you have not checked out the revealed cars list of the game, then you are lagging behind because this game is definitely going to be the best-selling Forza game ever because the pre-orders seem to suggest so.