Epic Game Wants You to Call Weapons With Their Official Fortnite Names

With the arrival of creative mode in Fortnite, Epic Games has now updated their "COD" telling us to not call in-game weapons by their real names.

Creative mode is the latest addition to the insanely popular Fortnite Battle Royale. With that mode, Epic Games has now updated their code of conduct with new dos and don’ts.

Epic Games has updated their code of conduct with the arrival of the creative mode in the game. Among these changes, we noticed how Fortnite now wants all of the players to call the in-game weapons.

Epic mentioned it under the ‘do’ list that “Use official Fortnite names for all weapons, outfits, points of interest, and items.” Now, this is clearly targeting at those players who intend to use real weapon names in the game. Well, obviously they do because most of the in-game weapons in Fortnite are based on real weapons.

Now a reason for doing is most probably because of the kids playing Fortnite these days. With this new Fortnite creative mode, Epic is going to invite a whole lot of kids as it’s a very similar mode to Minecraft. So Epic Games could want to avoid kids knowing the real names of weapons in the game.

Though it’s completely weird why Epic is doing it after such a long time. Fortnite Battle Royale has been here for years and it does include various weapons which I’ve also used in Call of Duty games. Fortnite consists of SCAR H, Famas and more which are the real names of these weapons.

It’ll be interesting to see how Epic Games enforces these new codes of conduct changes in the game so we will have to wait.

As for the “Creative Mode” goes, it’s arriving today with the new Season 7 in Fortnite. You can also checkout Fortnite Season 7 trailer here.

This new creative mode in Fortnite allows you to create your own island in the game. You can save this custom island and use it whenever you want to have fun with your friends.

By using this creative mode in Fortnite, players can design race tracks, buildings and a lot more. After that, you can battle with your friends to decide who’s a better creator in the game.

You can place various objects like cars, trees, buildings and more wherever you want to create your own environments. You can also choose to spawn any weapon you want and where you want. For now, a total of 16 players can visit your custom island so start creating today.

This creative mode will arrive today only for the battle pass owners of Season 7. This mode will be available for everyone else starting on December 13. Though if a friend of yours has it already, you can join in from his invite without having to wait till December 13.

As it’s a new mode, Epic Games will be working on to fix bugs, issues and to bring more content to this new mode in the future.

In other news, Rapper 2 Milly has sued Epic Games and Fortnite. Rapper 2 Milly has sued Epic Games for using his and selling his “Milly Rock” dance in Fortnite without any permission.

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