Fortnite Guide – How to Expand Storm Shield, Granting Permissions to Friends

Fortnite Guide to Granting Permissions to let your ‘Friends’ build your Homebase & lay traps to expand your Storm Shield in the game.

In order to enhance your Storm Shield, you’ll sometimes be asked to grant permission to your ‘Friends’ in order to build. Doing so will basically allow your ‘Friends’ to place their own traps & build your Homebase. Granting permission to a ‘Friend’ is fairly straightforward & you should’ve no trouble doing so.

However, in case you’ve any ambiguities or questions, this Fortnite Guide should help you out a little.

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Fortnite Guide

In this Fortnite Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about granting permission to your ‘Friends’ to build your Homebase in order to expand your Storm Shield to receive new missions & progress through the main storyline.

Fortnite Guide to Granting Permissions

Okay, so you’ve decided to grant permission to your ‘Friends’. To start, head over to your Storm Shield & interact with the console placed nearby. Doing so should allow you to see a menu detailing the Storm Shield expansion. While staying in the same menu, you should easily be able to identify a tab reading ‘Permissions’.

After clicking the ‘Permissions’ tab, you should enter another menu with a complete list of people who are in the game with you. Now all that remains is to click on a player’s name & granting him/her the permission. A player who has the permission from you should’ve access to cutting down trees, mining rocks, & destroy other objects in order to build floors, doors, traps, & more.

However, do note that there’s a reason as to why ‘Cannot Place without Owner’s Permission’ appears. Before granting permission to a random player, make sure that he/she isn’t a troll & won’t destroy your Homebase to the ground.

This is currently all we’ve in our Fortnite Guide to Granting Permissions. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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