Fortnite Treasure Chests Guide – Where to Find, Rare Loot, Weapons, Ammo

Fortnite Treasure Chests Locations Guide to help you located Treasure Chests in the game that should help you find rare resources, weapons, ammo, and more.

In this Fortnite Chests guide, we will tell you tips and tricks to find all the chests in the game Fortnite. In Fortnite, some of the best loot is found inside of treasure chests and safes that are hidden throughout the world.

Treasure chests and safes are great places to find powerful weapons, ammo, and rare resources that will help you survive the onslaught. With the help of this Fortnite Treasure Chest Guide, you will easily find all treasure chests before the other players.

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Fortnite Treasure Chests Guide

Fortnite Treasure Chests Guide details everything you need to know about finding Treasure Chests in Fortnite and get the best gear that is contained in these chests.

Fortnite Treasure Chests

Look for Audio Clues

Treasure chests in Fortnite give out a unique sound that is only related to treasure chests. When you are playing the game, keep your ears open for their distinctive sound. This is the easiest way to find the chests as they are mostly hidden in the most unexpected places. We would advise that you keep game’s volume high or if you own headsets, wear them while playing this game. Crisp audio is necessary if you want to find these rare treasure chests.

This sound is only audible If you are near the chest so if you hear it but are unable to find it in plain sight, it means it is hidden behind a certain wall or some other thing.


Know What You Are Looking For!

The treasure chests in Fortnite look just like normal treasure chests, the only thing that makes them unique is the faint glow that they emit and the sound that they emit when the player is near them. Whenever you see a treasure chest with a faint glow, break it instantly as it contains valuables that you are looking for. Along with chests, in some city stages, these chests are safes. Safes function just like the treasure chests, they have the same faint glow and they will emit a sound whenever you get close to them.

Look High & Low

The treasure chests are very well hidden and they always spawn at random places. You will need exceptional tracking skills if you want to find them. One thing that you must keep in mind is that the Treasure Chests will never spawn at the ground or base levels. They will always spawn in high areas or low areas. High areas are the rooftops or other high places that are higher than ground level. Lower areas could be basements or underground caves.

Search high and low areas as much as you can to find these rare treasure chests to find rare loot. Sometimes the chests will be behind walls so you will need to destroy the walls in order to get to them. In most of the cases even when you know where the chest is, you will be required to do some breaking to get to the chest.

This concludes our Fortnite Treasure Chests Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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