Fortnite Battle Royale Gets Supressed Weapons For Its Next Limited Mode

Sneaky Silencers is a new limited time mode for Fortnite Battle Royal that will make your inner stealthy hitman shine, bringing a new weapon to the game.

Epic Games never seizes to amaze us with the progress Fortnite Battle Royale is doing since its release. With only 3 months on its back, Fortnite Battle Royale is steadily getting more players and with them, more content. Lately, we’ve seen the game getting limited time events like 50v50 and Explosive time being added in Fortnite Battle Royale. Now it’s time for a new mode to get in the spotlight, one that is silent but lethal.

Sneaky Silencers is a new limited time mode for Fortnite Battle Royal that will make your inner stealthy hitman shine. The weapon variety in this mode is limited to suppressed SMGs and suppressed pistols and all traps will be disabled. However, there’s a little trick for everyone trying this mode out, Epic Games has announced that using the Bush item will make your fire rate faster.

The Sneaky Silencers Limited Time Mode will be available from January 5 to January 8 and there will be no downtime for it to be added in Fortnite Battle Royale along with its first update for 2018. This update is planned to go live on Jan. 2 at 8am (13:00 GMT)

In addition, the event will bring a new weapon in the mix, the silenced pistol which will be available as epic and legendary loot in treasure chests, supply drops or as floor loot. The silenced pistol will bring a whole new aspect to Fortnite since its endgame mostly involves rockets hitting structures and causing chaos. Maybe this is the time where the winner must work in stealthy silence.

For those not informed about Fornite’s latest updates, there’s a battle pass up for purchase with 950 VBucks, which unlocks it a new tab on your profile, that gains tier levels as you play matches. Each tier rewards you with loot, emotes, skins etc, giving you one more reason to try it out. Notice that while playing with the battle pass, you’ll get your V-bucks back (mostly) as well as more cool loot.

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