Fortnite Battle Royale Gets A New 50v50 Mode As A Limited Time Event

Fortnite Battle Royale just got its first limited time event in the form of a new mode featuring a 50v50 battle to the death.

Our favorite building battle royale title just got its first limited time event in the form of a new mode. Announced by Epic Games at The Game Awards, the 50v50 mode will be available through December 17 for all players to try and will then go offline, to give its place to a new event in the future. If you were intrigued by building in Fortnite Battle Royale’s basic mode, just wait and see what huge buildings you’ll be able to see in this one.

How does it work though? You just load up Fortnite BattleRoyale and pick 50v50. You can jump into the mode solo or with up to three friends. Once the Battle Bus gets flying, you’ll see your squad on the map and communicate like a normal squad/duo match. You’ll also see green markers on the map and above the heads of the remaining 50-player team. The gameplay mechanics are the same, the cycle closes, the team that is completely eliminated loses and the other wins. As simple as that.

Epic Games has also posted some special rules for the 50v50 mode.Here they are:

  • Friendly Fire Off (But you will still see hit indicators.)
  • Limited visibility of non-squad teammates.
  • Squad VoIP only.
  • You can revive ANY friendly teammates.
  • You won’t see non-squad teammates until you land.

The update also includes some cool additions to Fortnite Battle Royale such as a new inventory UI, which was highly requested by the community. There is also a tentative list of changes and bug fixes coming to both Fortnite and its battle royale partner.

While at The Game Awards, Epic announced that they hit 1.3 million concurrent players across all platforms and 30 million unique players across Fortnite’s lifetime since its launch. They also stated that as a company they will continue to support cross-play for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms, which will always be a thing on Fortnite.

Will you be trying out the new Fortnite Battle Royale 50v50 Mode? What do you think could be a cool idea for a later event?

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