Fortnite Battle Royale Microtransactions Making 12-Year Quote Bible Verses to Beg for Money

Fortnite Battle Royale addcition running rampant. 12-year old child using bible versus to beg for money from his parents to buy skins.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite Battle Royale, is urged by the mother of a 12-year old son to “make a deal with her.” We do not know what kind of deal she wishes to make but her son, according to her, is losing his mind over Fortnite Battle Royale.

From the looks of it, we have a case of gaming addiction and somewhat manipulative microtransactions. Limited time offers, special skins etc are making the child beg for money from his parents. He went as far as quoting bible verses when denied by his mother.

Whoever created Fortnite, whoever you are out there, I need you to know what you are doing to us parents across the globe. Your game has completely taken over and our children have become total addicts. I know it’s my job to make sure that I know how many hour a day he (my son) is playing, I get that, I am monitoring. But this child is continuously coming to ask me for money to buy virtual products in your game. Virtual skins, virtual jackets, virtual dance moves, things that are not tangible that nobody’s actually going to get.

Her son is obsessed with Fortnite and the game’s microtransactions are even making him quate bible verses to beg for money. When her son wanted to buy a limited time Fortnite skin and she refused her son quoted Jesus; “ask and you shall receive.”

He looked at me and said ‘mom do you to remember when we were in the church last week and the man was asking for bread? Becuase he needed to be fed. And Jesus said ‘all you need to do is ask and you shall receive.’

He is trying to use bible verses to get me to buy him Fortnite skins. He has lost his mind.

She urged Epic Games to contact her to figure out what they need to do for the parents. She also plans to create a support group for parents with children suffering from Fortnite addiction.

We highly doubt Epic Games would ever do something to help parents out. Becuase they are making billions from the game and in these cases, developers are rarely bothered by such situations.

Despite how Epic Games decides to handle this, Fortnite addiction is a haunting reality. We are seeing addiction in teens and kids across the globe. The popularity of the game has not only become an addiction but it is also a recruiting tool for white extremists. They are using Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG to lore young minds to their cause. A number of scams where also reported recently where kids were scammed out of money or their whole Fortnite account.

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