9-Year Old Kid Addicted to Fortnite Smashes TV, Mom In Despair

A mother is hopeless as her kid of addicted to Frotnite and he even smashed a TV while playing it. No dinner with family and toys don't matter anymore.

Every day we get to hear something new about Fortnite and today isn’t any different. Mother of a 9-year old boy claims her son is obsessed with Fortnite. He plays the game for up to six hours a day and even smashed his TV after losing a game one day. His behavior is deteriorating by the day.

There’s no questioning about the success of the game, it has been downloaded by more than 40 million times and topped $318 million in may with a rise of 7% from April. Out of millions playing this game, most are kids and young adults who are vulnerable of addiction.

Zoe Godber, 47, who’s the mother of the 9-year kid says her son started playing the game about 6 months ago and it has changed him a lot. He was into Roadblock (an online puzzle game) then came Fortnite which changed everything all of a sudden, nothing else really mattered.

It’s already known that Fortnite is also the most streamed game on Youtube and Twitter and Jacob watches Fortnite videos before playing the game, learning how to improve himself. His day starts and ends with some form of Fortnite content. Either he is playing the game or watching videos of it online.

Zoe Godber said he doesn’t watch TV anymore or sits with the family which is really upsetting.

At one time, he smashed his TV after facing a loss and afterward he didn’t play the game for some time but he was angry, crying and behaving badly at school.

Jacob now has got a new TV and her mother is trying to make him eat dinner with the family but she also says she can’t get him to be normal anymore. There are no holiday plans for the summer holidays too as he just wants to sit and play the game.

It’s quite sad for a family when the kid gets so addicted to a game.

But addiction isn’t the only issue as Fortnite players are also being targeted by scammers so it’s best to check on your kids when they play a game and don’t let them play for too long as it can turn out to be a nightmare.

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