Football Manager 2022 Tips

The Football Manager series has proven from time to time to be quite tricky to manage. With the new addition to the franchise, we’ll be taking a look at the best Early Access Football Manager 2022 Tips and Tricks.

Football Manager 2022 Tips

Another addition to the Football Manager franchise, Football Manager 2022 has been one of the most awaited games since its previous installment last year.

If you’re a beginner to the franchise, you might not be familiar with the concept of managing a football team. This is where our Football Manager 2022 Tips come to your aid.

Below we’ll be giving major tips on how you can satisfy your team members and scout Wonderkids to your team along with other important information about your team management.

Improve your Player’s Attributes

Starting off with one of the most important key factors to managing a football team in Football Manager 2022, improving your player’s attributes.

There will be times when your team doesn’t perform well in the game which negatively impacts your player’s motivation as they receive a below-average (6-7) performance.

Now not many people know about this but you can actually improve your player’s attributes such as Determination and Work Rate by criticizing them.

Determination is the most important attribute in the FM franchise as it notifies you a lot about your player’s attitude towards the game such as their desire to win matches or how hard they work on the pitch as well as outside of it.

In short, Determination is a highly praised single attribute for a player which decides how hungry your players are for success.

The second major player’s attribute is their Work Rate. Work Rate is an attribute of a player similar to Determination. Players with a high Work Rate won’t back down from polishing themselves and working to the top using their full potential.

Now with that said, let’s see how you can improve your player’s key attributes.

Simply open the player’s stats page of an individual player with the lowest performance in the game. Once on the stats page, hover over the Discuss option on the navigation bar opening a drop-down menu.

On the drop-down menu go onto the Discipline Player For option which further takes you to the Poor Performance option and lastly, you’ll be giving a fine to the player. The recommended fine is ½ Wks Wages.

Continue the game and after a while, you’ll get a message personally from the player you gave a fine to on the inbox section. The message will clearly state that the player will try his best to improve his performance on the field.

This will positively affect both the Determination and Work-Rate of the player. You can check it out after receiving such a message from the player after criticizing them.

Note: Don’t fine your players too much as it will dissatisfy them which brings us to the second tip of the game.

Satisfy Your Players

Motivation is all it takes to win a match and that is exactly what your players need from you. Not caring about your players will eventually place a Not Satisfied mark under a player’s Playing Time Happiness section indicating there’s a low Morale.

Morale plays an important factor in a player’s performance as it motivates them to bring home some Gold.

If you don’t encourage your players and can’t keep them happy, they’ll lose interest in you as a manager and that affects their performance on the field despite them having a good build.

The best way to Satisfy your players is by giving them more Playing Time. In the end, you have to manage their schedules as you can’t always give maximum playtime to every single player. You can’t please everyone!

Hunt Wonderkids Early

Wonderkids are a part of Football Manager as young talent below the age of 20 or above. They possess a high potential ability; at least 150 PA to be precise.

Wonderkids come in all positions whether it be CB, GK, and FB, etc. Therefore, don’t think twice before hunting the best ones that can potentially be the best players in the near future.

We highly recommend going into the international players list to look up for Wonderkids and select players from North and South America such as Mexico, Columbia, and Argentina.

Now, to hunt down the best Wonderkids talent, you can go on Squad view and use the dropdown menu on the players section and select Selection Info.

Then use the same drop-down menu to go over to the Custom Option which opens another menu. The one you’ll be focusing on is the Customize Current View option which opens a Customize View: Selection info page for you.

On the left of the page is an Availability section that lets you select information. Scroll down to find the Media Description and add it to the right side on the SHOW FIELDS IN THIS ORDER section. Click OK and you’re good to go.

Selecting the Media Description basically opens up a section of the player’s stats which tells whether the player is a Wonderkid or not.

Simply select your desired Wonderkid from any of the South or North American Countries to help out your team. You can additionally choose Brazil or any other country with good Wonderkids talent but they’ll be expensive to choose from.

You can further try to find any cheap players that might be providing bang for the buck. Going straight up all out on expensive players initially is a bad idea and might leave you staggered for money in the long run.

Save Players from Injuries

Nothing more negatively impactful for a team than an injury. Injuries are a common occurrence in FM22 and stopping them is a move that you’ll have to make.

Starting off with minimizing pressing. Nothing is more tiring than pressing your players too much which wears off their energy before they can even reach the second half of the game.

Keep in mind that the more you press, the more tired your players will be. Therefore, the best strategy here is to plan each press and use it when needed.

Speaking of injuries, keep an eye on your staff as they can sometimes intensely train injury-prone players.

So, make sure to look at the risk assessment just to double-check your player’s health and hire a good staff that will take care of your players when they’re injured so they fully recover on time.

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