Football Manager 2020 Hits Record Number Of Concurrent Players Due To Coronavirus

Football Manager 2020 just reached an all-time high for the concurrent number of players in-game. Four months after its release, the Sports Interactive game saw a record number of players recently playing the game. The lockdowns caused by COVID-19 seem to be a contributing factor in achieving this milestone.

Game director Miles Jacobson recently took to Twitter to announce this:

FM20 is currently being played by 84,063 of you via Steam, which is a new record. And likely to go up further today.
Thank you for choosing our work to keep you entertained in this time of self-isolation in many countries around the world.
Please keep safe everyone x.

Having 84,063 people playing a game means that Football Manager 2020 is definitely a lot of people’s favorite pastime. This number is most likely to go up even higher. This isn’t surprising considering Steam also reached 20 million concurrent players due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. As of right now, the Football Manager 2020 concurrent player count is sitting at 89,568 players.

To put this into perspective, Football Manager 2019 had 68k players at launch. This number rose to 78k in the following two months. In February, the game saw its player count reach 82,413 players. It is impressive that the game’s player count never experienced a drop off even once. Comparing with previous games, FM19’s concurrent players peaked at 75,666 players while FM18 peaked at 71,279.

It’s commendable that Jacobson admitted and attributed the record player count to the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the population is in isolation within the confines of their homes. On top of that, schools, colleges, and universities have also experienced closure. This means that most people have nothing to do right now than to play videogames.

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Football Manager 2020 is available right now on the Nintendo Switch, Android, IPM PC compatible, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems and Google Stadia.