Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids Guide – Best Budget Youngsters and Wonderkids in FM18

Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids Guide to show you promising young talent which will soon rise to stardom and return your massive advantages.

Whenever you are on a tight budget or playing with a lower league club, signing Lionel Messi is not really a viable option. This Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids Guide will show you how you can save up some cash and sign promising young talent which will soon rise to stardom and yield you massive returns on your investment.

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Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids Guide

In this Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids Guide, we have detailed some players which you should definitely not miss signing at the start of your career so as to reap the massive rewards that wait in the future.

Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids to Sign in FM18

Rui Pedro
Value: 27,000
This young forward from Porto costs peanuts and has a potential of 83. He is sure to be a great asset for lower league sides who are looking for a marksman.

Callum Gribbin
Value: 36,000
With a potential of 84, this youngster is a winger which can complement many teams. He can be hard to sign though as he plays for Manchester United.

Jao Felix
Value: 27,000
Benfica are infamous for inflating transfer fees, however, anyone who can snap up this 17-year-old winger with a potential of 84 is going to thank the heavens for such a cheap bargain.

Marquinhos Cipriano
Value: 5,000
Competition on this young Sao Paulo forward is quite fierce when the scouts return from Brazil so try to snap him up as soon as you can.

Value: 85,000
Similar to last year, Kuki is a Wonderkid who can be bought for a meager sum of 85,000. He has a potential of 86 so it is definitely worth it.

Donny van de Beek
Value: 8 Million
This Ajax talent is a gifted defensive midfielder who is well worth his price tag and will provide you with massive advantages down the road.

Afonso Sousa
Value: 5 Million
Perhaps the best young playmaker in the game. This guy has everything including a 5 star potential so snap him up before someone else does.

Willem Geubells
Value: 4 Million
15 years old and already worth 4 Million. Do I need to mention anything else about this attacking Wonderkid from Lyon?

Adil Taoui
Value: 2 Million
While we are on 15 year olds, this Striker from Toulouse is sure to quench his thirst for goals at a lower league club, perhaps a Champions League team within a few years.

Ryan Sessengon
Value: 3 Million
This 17 year old from England’s U17 World Cup is sure to bolster any squad that he is in. Feel free to overpay for this gem.

Gianluiggi Donnarumma
Value: Absolutely Worth It
By far the best Goalkeeper Wonderkid in the game, snap him as soon as you can to be sure of a reliable person in between the posts.

Matthijs de Ligt
Value: 10 Million
Highly sought after in the game, and for a reason. Perhaps shell out a few extra bucks for this promising center back to compliment your new goalkeeper.

Reuben Neves
Value: 14.25
This 20 year old plays in the championship and has very good stats to complement your team if you are willing to pay the price.

Kylian Mbappe
Value: Too Much
Even if you watch an inkling of football, you will already know why he is on the list.

Hector Bellerin
Value: See Above
Sought by Barcelona this season, this is a guy that can play everywhere along the right flank and has one of the fastest speed in the game. Sign him up before someone else does.

That is all we have in our Football Manager 2018 Best Wonderkids Guide – Best Budget Youngsters and Wonderkids in FM18. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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