Football Manager 2018 Beginners Guide – Squad, Scouting Tips, Transfers, Tactics

Football Manager is a franchise that has been played by lots and lots of players. However, it comes with a steep learning curve which can be quite intimidating for a beginner. This Football Manager 2018 Beginners Guide will tell you everything that you need to know to begin your journey to become the next great Football Manager.

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Football Manager 2018 Beginners Guide

In this Football Manager 2018 Beginners Guide, we will give you some tips on how you can maximize your input in the game and lead your team to glory.

Football Manager 2018 Beginners Guide

Football Manager 2018 Squad

Once you have your club in the game, assess your squad and see what you have to work with. If it is a club you like then you will know everyone. Otherwise, you should check your reserves and youth team as you will be able to find players who will be suited for the first team experience. You will also find players in the first team who are washed up and not that useful to you anymore. You can move these players to the reserves as they will probably not be beneficial for you.

Football Manager 2018 Tactics

After this, look at your tactics and decide what fits your style of play. You want a formation in which you can have your stars on positions which they prefer to play at. Also, remember to take a look at the coaches and the training to see if you can improve things. Maximize your star rating of your coaches by moving around the training to see which suits them better. You should also consider replacing coaches with a lower rating.

Football Manager 2018 Scouting

Scouting is the next thing on the agenda. Try to be realistic with your scouting and set player searches which will not run into problems such as work permits. Smaller teams should scout the world for senior players and regionally for youth players. Remember that youths are very important if you are not a super team such as Barcelona. They are the ones that will push you to the next division and will have an attachment to you and will be more loyal.

Football Manager 2018 Transfers

Transfers should be done carefully. If you keep on signing players then the team cohesion will suffer. It is best to see how the squad works with your tactics to see where you lack and where you need improvements in your squad. You should also be looking for potential free agents during the January window to sign them for free.

Football Manager 2018 Preparation

Lastly, we look at the map preparation. Try to train things such as team cohesion and tactics in the pre-season and then defensive positioning as you approach the start of the season. These things will help ensure that you have confidence at the start of the season and can afford to make mistakes.

That is all we have for our Football Manager 2018 Beginners Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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