How to Fix Risk of Rain 2 Crashes, No Continue Button, Low FPS, Stuck at Start Screen

Is Risk of Rain 2 causing crashes or error messages on your PC after the 1.0 update? Here are some fixes you might want to try.

Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.0 is available now on PC, bringing a new survivor, a new final stage and more into the core game. However, apart from content, the new build brought a couple of issues to the overall performance. Are you experiencing crashes or bugs in Risk of Rain 2? We’ll try to help as much as we can.

Startup Crashes in Risk of Rain 2

If you find your game crashing before it even boots up, you might want to check your GPU’s drivers first. Update them if necessary and try again. If this doesn’t work, try running the game with administrator rights and whitelist it from your firewall or anti-virus just to be safe. One last thing you might want to check is whether or not you have mods installed. If your game runs ok without mods then you should disable them one by one and identify which one causes the issue. Remember to restart your PC for the best chances to get the game running.

Low FPS / Stuttering

Players are complaining that even with high-end PCs, they find Risk of Rain 2 to be laggy at times. Once more, you’ll want to check your GPU drivers and update them. In addition, if you’re using any graphics enhancement settings through your GPU provider application, try disabling them and check how the game runs. A safe thing to try is playing around with graphics settings in the game and see what suits your hardware. If you find that the issue isn’t caused by hardware discrepancies then make sure to disable V-Sync from your GPU Control Panel and try again.

Save Files not Synced / Missing

If you are missing your last save file in Risk of Rain 2 then the developers encourage you to verify the game files through its Steam settings. The procedure might take a while but your save files will most likely be retrieved in that way.

Stuck at Start Screen

This issue is most likely caused by a conflict with your current version of VC++. What you need to do is uninstall and reinstall the 2015 version, which is what the game uses and try again. You can find it here and you can download it. When the download is down just hit run and let the installation end before trying to run the game again. If this doesn’t work then make sure that your CPU and RAM are not capped through the Task Manager. Close any unnecessary browser windows or programs and run the game again.

No Continue Button (Developer Fix)

This is a fix provided by the Risk of Rain 2 developers on a “Read me first” thread on Steam Discussions. The issue might also show a message saying “EARLY_ACCESS_DISCLAIMER”. To tackle this, the devs have provided a step by step guide to rewrite your corrupted save data with new ones. Here’s the procedure:

  1. make sure Risk of Rain 2 is closed.
  2. Restart Steam.
  3. Next, locate the folder that your user profiles are saved in. This is typically in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(ACCOUNT NUMBER)\632360\remote\UserProfiles”
  4. There should be an xml file in there with a bunch of random characters, i.e “2919dc8a-fd4c-4c3c-bd7d-8aeeac67b831.xml”
  5. Open the .xml file in Notepad. Go to and copy the contents of the Pastebin INTO the .xml file, REPLACING ALL THE EXISTING CONTENT. Press Save.
  6. Reopen the game in Steam.

If you are having more issues with Risk of Rain 2, like random crashes and error messages you can directly talk to the support team by joining the game’s Discord server. The developers have already posted a lengthy post on Steam explaining that they’ve gathered all issue data and will work on a patch to fix most known issues. For even more Risk of Rain 2 fixes, check our first guide here.

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