Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Ores Farming Guide

When it comes to looking after your units in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you will require ores to forge new equipment and repair their older equipment after battles.

The following guide will point out all of the different ores available and explain how to farm and use them in the game.

All Ores In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

There are a total of six ores in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. The basic one is called Smithing Stone that you will use to forge or repair weapons. Then there is Venomstone, a very hazardous ore type that has to be handled carefully.

Following them are Wootz Steel, an ore that is light but highly durable; Agarthium, an ore refined through archaic methods; Mythril, an ore given holy blessings; and Umbral Steel, an ore infused with darkness.

How To Get Ores In FEW: Three Hopes

Farming ores in FEW: Three Hopes is a rather simple process. You basically receive ore every time you are in battle.

Ores appear in the game as violet crystals. When battling, keep an eye out for these violet crystals on the battlefield. Make sure to pick them up before the mission is over or else lose them until the next battle comes along.

How To Use Ores In FEW: Three Hopes

You need ores in FEW: Three Hopes to forge and repair weapons, armor, and other equipment of your units. Remember that a well-equipped unit will always prove strong on the battlefield. Hence, don’t just focus on improving your own character. Farm as much ore as possible to upgrade your units’ equipment as soon as possible to make the next battle easier.

When you have ores, make your way to the Blacksmith who can be found at the Central Plaza in the Camp. He will take your ores to repair, forge, or upgrade equipment. You will, however, only unlock the Blacksmith after completing Chapter 4.

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