Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Camp Guide

The Camp in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a large area that offers a lot of facilities. This serves as your main player hub or base camp that allows you to take part in all kinds of activities and also lets you interact with different characters in the game.

There are two main features of the Camp in FEW: 3H, which are Camp Facilities and Camp Locations respectively.

Camp Facilities contain locations like the Marketplace and the Blacksmith etc. which offer several benefits, like upgrading your characters or purchasing new items/equipment.

Camp Locations, on the other hand, are structures that are there as points of interest or serve purely as a decoration. Only a few of them offer facilities.

The following guide will completely break down everything you need to know about the Camp in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Unlock Camp In FEW: 3H

Unlocking the Camp in FEW: 3H is very simple. All you have to do is complete Chapter 3 and its cutscenes, which are part of the prologue.

The main game starts from Chapter 4, at which point you will automatically be escorted to your Personal Quarters in the Camp. From that point, you have unlocked the Camp and are completely free to explore it.

At the start, you’ll only have a few facilities available though, but you can then later upgrade your Camp to unlock more facilities and also earn more Activity Points and Training Points at the end of every Chapter. If you manage to upgrade your Camp to S-Rank, then you’ll be able to earn a total of eight Training and Activity Points for each Chapter that you complete.

Camp Facilities

The camp in FEW: 3H serves as an important base of operations. It has several key locations inside. Some of them are home to NPCs that offer services and provide facilities, but most of them are there for decoration. There are a lot of NPCs inside the camp that offer a variety of facilities.


You can find the Strategist at the Command Center, which is located at the center of the map. He gives you access to the War Map and lets you participate in all kinds of battles, missions, and quests, whether they are main or side quests. Alternatively, without visiting him in person, you can just press ZR at any point in the camp to open up his menu.

This is one of the few facilities that cannot be upgraded in any way in the game.

Record Keeper

The Record Keeper does a simple job. He lets you watch replays of the previous battle you participated in the past. The drawback is that you can only play those replays where you have the same equipment or classes that you have currently equipped.

This facility can also not be upgraded, as there is no need to.

Armorer (Armory)

The Armorer is found at the Central Plaza, which is located at the southeast corner of the map. She sells all kinds of weapons, like swords, axes, gauntlets, etc.


The Blacksmith is also found at the Central Plaza, right next to the Armorer, but is unlocked at the start of Chapter 5. He allows you to repair, forge, reforge, or upgrade any weapon that you have.

Upgrading a weapon requires ores. You can upgrade a weapon to increase its stats. Forging a weapon allows you to increase a weapon’s stats, like Might and Durability.

There is, however, a limit to how many times you can Forge a weapon. Once you reach the limit, but still want to keep Forging it, you need to Reforge it.

Reforging comes with a cost though, it might increase the limit of the maximum forges done on a weapon, but will also reset any previous forges done on it.

Tactics Instructor (Tactics Academy)

The Tactics Instructor is unlocked after completing Chapter 5. Helps you boost your characters’ battle proficiencies. This can be done in several different ways, like boosting their Unique Abilities or allocating them more Warrior Gauges.

The extra Warrior Gauges don’t come as easy though. It only unlocks the instructions for gaining the extra Warrior Gauge, you have to manually learn this Warrior Gauge by completing its respective lesson at the Tactics Instructor.

It also comes with a cost, for every unit that is undergoing the lesson, you’ll have to pay a sum of money to the Tactics Instructor.

To unlock even more Abilities and Warrior Gauges, like improved healing or more ability slots, you’ll have to upgrade the facility. This facility is upgraded with Combat Manuals.

Training Instructor (Training Grounds)

The Training Instructor is found at the Training Grounds, located at the southwest corner of the Camp. He offers you a variety of facilities. You can visit him whenever you need to level up a character or change its Class.

The Training Instructor also trains your characters, offering them the chance to earn Class XP. Here, you can also use your Seals to unlock new Warrior Classes for your characters.

Battalion Master (Battalion Guild)

The Battalion Master is also unlocked at the start of Chapter 5. She supplies you with Battalions that you can take with you to battle. These Battalions aren’t specific though, they can be of various weapon types and authority levels.

In FEW: 3 Hopes, Battalions are assigned to units to improve their defense against various enemies. The Rank of the Battalion a unit can receive is dependent upon the unit’s Authority. To upgrade a unit’s Authority Level, you have to let them acquire a new Warrior Class, specifically the one that they specialize in.

Upgrading the Battalion Guild Facility can be a little bit tricky, as there are many grounds for upgrades, including Qualification, Endurance, the Number of Battalions, etc. You need to prioritize the upgrades that you want depending on your playstyle and your needs.

Kitchen Master

The Kitchen Master is found at the Recreation Center, located to the west of the Camp. He cooks meals for your characters that offer them certain buffs and also lets you obtain Support Points from them.

For every meal that you cook for your units, you would require an Activity Point. There are a variety of meals that you can cook, that offer a variety of boosts. To further make your troops more efficient, you can cook different meals for them and stack up the benefits provided by each successive meal.

As for the Support Points, you need to select any two units to Dine with you during a meal. The respective units that dine with you would gain more Support Points with you and with one another.

Additionally, you can also feed them their favorite meal to gain bonus Support Points. Each unit has its own respective favorite meal. To check which one that is, click the X button while selecting a meal to do so.

If you cannot make a meal that a unit wants, then you’ll just have to upgrade the facility to unlock it using “Furnishings”. Or, you can find their Recipes in different parts of the map.

Supply Master

The Supply Master is unlocked after completing Chapter 4. In exchange for your weapons and equipment, she offers you Smithing stones. You can then use these Smithing Stones to in turn buy other types of Building Materials and resources from her. You can also use these Smithing Stones to upgrade some weapons at the Blacksmith.

The Supply Master also collects all the leftover resources from the battles that you fought. Just head over to her after completing the battle and collect the resources from her. She only collects a few types of resources though, which include Building Materials, ores, ingredients for cooking meals, etc.

Upgrading the facility offered by the Supply Master gives you a lot of benefits. The limit of items that you can trade can be increased. Once the highest limit is reached, other upgrades would allow you to trade for better Building Materials, increase the number of Smithing Stones you can get for each trade, reduce the cost of different items, etc.

Chore Master

The Chore Master can also be found at the Recreation Center. Similar to the Kitchen Master, she also allows you to gain Support Points from different characters, at the cost of Activity Points, specifically by doing several tasks/chores around the Camp.

To do so, you need to select a Chore and two specific characters that you want to work with and increase Support Points with them in return. The success rate of the Chore would determine how many Support Points you can gain with them. To increase the success rate of the Chore, you need to upgrade the facility to a higher Tier Level.

There is a drawback here though. You can only complete one Chore with any pair of Units that you choose, not more. To get around this drawback, you need to capture any territory from the War Map. Capturing another territory would allow you to carry out more Chores with any pair of units.

If you have already captured all the territories though, then there is no way around that, you’ll just have to complete the Chapter and move on to the next one to reset the limitation.

Facilities Master

The Facilities Master is found at the Command Center, at the center of the map. He allows you to upgrade all of the other facilities in the Camp. Each facility can be upgraded with Building Materials.

These Building Materials are different for each facility, and the amounts required will vary depending from tier to tier. The higher the tier level of the Facility, the greater the amount of Building Materials it requires.

This facility is also one of the few that cannot be upgraded, but in turn, you can upgrade all of the other facilities that the Camp has to offer.

Reward Master

The Reward Master is also found at the Command Center. She is the one to go to whenever you are looking to collect the Rewards that you gained by completing Achievements, or even just to check which Achievements you have completed as of yet.

This is also one of the few facilities that cannot be upgraded.

Item Shopkeeper (Marketplace)

The Item Shopkeeper is found in the Marketplace on the northeastern corner of the map. He sells various kinds of items, mainly produce and items like fish, other materials required for cooking, gifts, etc.

You can buy Gifts from him and give them to your units, which increases the Support Points you have with them. You can also buy meal ingredients from him. There is a limit on the number of ingredients you can purchase from him though, and it will only reset after completing the Chapter.

Upgrading this Facility will offer you discounts on the items sold. To unlock the Advanced and Master Seals though, you’d need to upgrade the Training Grounds.

Camp Locations Overview

There are several key locations inside the Camp, some of them offer Facilities but most of them are just there for decoration and to provide ambiance.

Central Plaza

The Central Plaza is located at the Center of the map. This area is important as it contains the Camp’s main Command Center.

Command Center

The Command Center, located inside the Central Plaza, houses three people that offer you different facilities. These are the Strategist, the Facilities Master, and the Reward Master respectively.

Common Area

This area has no specific purpose in the game as of yet. It’s just a place where the NPCs hang out. Maybe in the future, this location inside the camp might offer facilities.

Personal Quarters

The Personal Quarters is the first location you see in the Camp, located at the northeastern corner of it. This area has tents that house different characters. These areas also have a journal that allows you to change your characters’ appearances, spend Renown and view different Documents.

Recreation Quarter

The Recreation Quarter is home to two important NPCs; the Kitchen Master and the Chore Master. These NPCs offer several different Facilities.

Training Grounds

The Training Grounds can be found at the southwestern corner of the map. This area houses the Training Instructor which offers you facilities to train your characters and earn Class XP by spending Training Points to Train them.


The Infirmary is located in the southern part of the Camp. This area is used by the injured and wounded NPCs to rest.


The Watchtower is at the north-eastern corner of the Camp. This area has no real purpose as of yet, and neither does it have any facilities to offer. You can use the Watchtower to navigate to the Camp’s exit though, it’s located just to the right of the Watchtower.


The Chapel is found at the north of the Camp. This area also doesn’t offer any facilities. It’s just used by the NPCs to pray.


The Marketplace is located on the north-eastern side of the Camp. This area is home to the Item Shopkeeper, who offers you the facility of buying items.

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