Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Mercedes Guide

Mercedes is a kindhearted, strong, and fearless warrior who is an adopted daughter of a rich merchant and also happens to be a former imperial noble. Mercedes is one of the diverse characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes due to her abilities that serve both as an attacker and a support player.

Mercedes is a member of the Azure Gleam and this guide will cover in detail everything from recruiting her to her abilities along with how to play as Mercedes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How to Recruit Mercedes

Mercedes can be recruited while playing either the Scarlet Blaze route or during the Azure Gleam Route in FEW: Three Hopes. At this point in time, we are not sure if there is a way to recruit her while playing the Golden Wildfire Route.

You will face Mercedes as your enemy during The Maiden’s Perils quest on Scarlet Blaze Route and while you are playing the Azure Gleam route, you will face her while on the Crisis in Fhirdiad quest.

The method to recruit is pretty much the same as the other characters. Once you defeat Mercedes, you will have to use the Persuade strategy which will cost you 20 Strategy Points in order to recruit her.

Best Classes for Mercedes

The best class to pick when you are playing Mercedes is Priest, which is very similar to the mage class. Mercedes is all about magical ranged attacks and the Priest class will allow her to bring out the best of her abilities in FEW: Three Hopes.

Best Class Abilities for Mercedes

Bow Buster Lv 1
Will give the player a 1 tier advantage over the players with bows and will also increase the damage inflicted on them by 80%.

Mercedes Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
I hate fighting… but if both sides have reason to do so, there’s no avoiding it. Vow to create an age of peace.
Both of my parents were great cooks. I even remember them teaching each other recipes when I was young. Cute, don’t you think? Ask her to teach you how to cook.
I wonder how my mother is faring. I do get letters from her sometimes, at least. Say she should go see her.

Mercedes Unique Abilities

Following are the unique abilities that Mercedes can use in Three Hopes.

Radiant Love
This ability will allow you to gain some health when you slightly attack an enemy and your unique ability meter fills up. Once your unique ability meter is full, you can simply press ZR to launch an attack that will inflict damage on enemies and heal your companions. This is an action-type ability.

Live To Serve
A support-type ability that will allow the caster to gain half the percentage of health that your ally gains when you heal them using your magic.

It is a tactical ability that drops the damage taken from the enemies by 30%.

Mercedes Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
 Y X Will cast a wave of orbs that will pick up the enemies and chuck them onto the ground
Y Y X Will make magical arrows rain from the sky after generating two waves of orbs
Y Y Y X An AoE-style attack that will cause an explosive attack knocking every enemy back.
Y Y Y Y X Will generate orbs that will revolve around you and will pick everyone up in the air who comes into contact.
Spam Y Will generate 5 consecutive waves of orbs.

How to Use Mercedes

Mercedes is the only healer in the Blue Lions House in FEW:3H and is very proficient in her spells. Due to her diverse nature, she is a must-have for every kind of battle setting.

She can deal heavy amounts of damage and can also serve as the support player whenever needed by healing herself and her allies. Her combos and unique abilities allow her to clear out the battlefield by knocking enemies back.

Mercedes’s special ability Radiant Love allows her to gain an advantage for every successful hit landed and her healing spells are a must-have for every team.

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