Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Linhardt Guide

Lindhardt is one of the units for the Scarlet Blaze route in FEW: Three Hopes. An Heir to Count Nevring, Linhardt von Hevring is a young male who you can recruit in the game when you chose the Black Eagle House. This guide will introduce you to Linhardt in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, how to recruit him and a detailed look into his abilities.

How to Recruit Linhardt

As mentioned, Linhardt is available as a recruitable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on the Scarlet Blaze route when you pick the Black Eagle House at the start of the game.

You interact with Linhardt as an enemy in Chapter 3, The Enbarr Incident. You have the option to use the Persuade Strategy on Linhardt to recruit him to your side.

To recruit Linhardt, you need to defeat him in battle and then recruit him. To recruit Linhardt, you will use up 10 GW / 30 AG strategy points.

Other than these, you also face Linhardt in Chapter 11 for Azure Gleam Path and Chapter 4 for Golden Wildfire Path.

Best Classes for Linhardt

The starting class for Linhardt is Monk. The best class you can choose for Linhardt is the Priest class. Priests are powerful magicians with strong range attacks and the ability to heal allies as well.

Best Class Abilities for Linhardt

Since Priest is the most ideal class for Linhardt, it makes sense that his best ability would also be from the same class. Both Bow Buster and Heal can be amazing abilities to pick for Linhardt

Bow Buster
Like all buster abilities, Bow Buster provides Linhardt with tier advantage against Bow users and improves damage by 85% against them.

Being a Priest, healing is essential for Linhardt to support allies or even heal himself.

Linhardt Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
Have you ever been to Hevring territory… the slopes are simply impossible. Say it’d be perfect for hiding away.
I thought for certain you’d have a Crest, but no. I still find that so strange. Offer to help him research.
I’m fond of the silences you often get in the middle of conversations. Stay silent.
I’m sorry I was thinking about you… what were you saying? Crack a joke.
Let’s rest here a bit longer. Also, horseback riding really should be classified as heavy labor. Wholeheartedly agree.
The aristocracy… so I recognized many of the other students when I first visited the academy. Envy him for having such old friends.

Linhardt Unique Abilities

Linhardt has three unique abilities.

Easy Breezy
Whenever you complete the final regular attack, you spawn a pair of wind orbs in front of the unit.

The amount of HP recovered in an allied stronghold is increased.

When you order Linhardt to defend you, all damage received will be reduced by 30%.

Linhardt Combos

Input Combo
Spam Y Launch five waves of Orbs that spread out the longer they travel.
Y, X A wave of orb followed a magic blast that launches all enemies into air.
Y, Y, X Two waves of orbs, followed by magic arrows that rain down from the sky.
Y, Y, Y, X Three waves of orbs followed by a powerful AoE blast that knocks backs all enemies.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X Four waves of orbs, after which you spawn orbs to circle you and hit any enemy that gets too close. These orbs that explode after a small delay and knock back all enemies.

How to Use Linhardt

Linhardt is a defensive unit best for defending strongholds. His abilities are best for taking out a few enemies in a controlled environment.

However, due to the personality of Linhardt, you can simply spam your regular attacks and activate your ability by spamming Y, instead of having to carry out some complicated combo to activate your ability.

You can simply spam through the entire game without once having to do anything complicated to get to a powerful attack

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