Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Ingrid Guide

Ingrid is the Heir to Count Galatea and one of the most fearsome knights in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes unless her opponent is a tasty meal.

If you’re looking to learn more about Ingrid and how you can maximize her potential in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, our Ingrid Character Guide will be showing you how to recruit Ingrid, her best class and abilities and how you can build support with her.

How to Recruit Ingrid

If you’re playing through the Azure Gleam route, you’ll be able to recruit Ingrid during Chapter 03: Unrest in Fhirdiad. To recruit her, you’ll need to use the Persuade option on her, which will cost you some Strategy Points.

If you are playing through the other routes, you will not be able to recruit Ingrid out of the Blue Lions due to her loyalty to Dimitri.

Best Classes For Ingrid

The best class for Ingrid in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Knights is the Pegasus Knight class. This class is arguably the best class in the game. Pegasus Knight is an airborne knight class that has a perfect balance of offense and defense. It performs very well against enemies with magic attacks. It’s also one of the few classes in the game that counter Fliers.

Best Class Abilities For Ingrid

Alert Stance
While dodging, the number of frames where you’re invincible is increased.

Sword Buster Level 2
When going up against enemies with swords, this ability gives a one-tier advantage which boosts your damage against them by 85%.

Pegasus Knight’s Wisdom
When using Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight class actions, the Awakening Gauge fills up quicker.

After you perform a perfect dodge, the critical attack time period is increased.

Ingrid Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
Felix and his majesty perform all their duties. Cheer her on
Have you ever read chivalric romance? They’re stories about the most heroic knights in the world. I’m sure you could find one you’re interested in. Talk about your favorite story.
I imagine if Faerghus had been even just slightly more destitute, we would’ve invaded the other regions of Fodlan ourselves. She shouldn’t get hung up on what-if’s.
I want to create a world where nobody has to worry where their next meal might come from. Offer to help.
If we can’t bring an end to this war, our dream of a prosperous Faerghus will remain just that. Say something motivational.
There are many things I wish I could say. Ask for more details.
There was a famine in Galatea. Sympathize.

Ingrid Unique Abilities

Icy Plunge (Action)
When Ingrid sends an enemy up in the air, they explode and deal ice damage within a small radius.

Heavensent (Support)
When striking enemies that are airborne, the Warrior Gauge fills up slightly faster.

Sworn lance (Tactical)
Ingrid’s damage is boosted by 30% when she is ordered to guard.

Ingrid Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Performs an attack with the lance and then finishes the combo with a spinning attack from the Pegasus, knocking enemies into the air.
Y Y X Performs two attacks with the lance which is then followed up by a charge attack.
Y Y Y X Performs three lunge attacks and then the Pegasus flies up into the air, finishing the combo with a slam attack which sends enemies flying.
Y Y Y Y X Performs a quick charge and then spawns a cyclone which sends enemies flying.
Spam Y Performs multiple sweeps and slashes with the lance, then ends the combo with several thrusts.

How to Use Ingrid

Ingrid hits like a truck, especially if you use her unique Ice-damaging abilities, but her defense is quite low; making her a bit of a glass cannon.

This means that you have to play carefully with her. Look for openings to land attacks instead of trying to initiate duels aggressively. Almost all of her attacks can hit multiple enemies at a time, so this makes her an ideal unit when you’re going up against entire armies. Just make sure to not get overzealous in the battlefield.