Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Endings Guide

You’re bound to enjoy Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, be it the gameplay, the nerve-racking moments, or the ending. The game has to offer more than one ending and each one is worlds apart from the others; additionally, there is one secret ending on board as well.

This FEW: Three Hopes guide will walk you through all possible endings and explain what leads to them. So, make sure to stick around to find out.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Endings

There are four endings in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, each distinct from the others; what leads you to those endings are certain decisions you make along the way.

Three different endings are depending on which route you choose during Chapter 2 of FEW: Three Hopes and a Secret Ending based on whether you recruit Byleth or finish him off.

The three endings based on a particular faction have one thing in common: they all result in the major antagonist being toppled. However, despite the death of the tyrants, there will still be uncertainty about whether Fodlan will enter a period of peace.

Let’s dive into the details of each ending in FEW:3H and see how things roll out in each one.

Black Eagles Ending

If you choose Black Eagles, you’ll end up in a situation where Edelgard and Shez will unite against Thales and decide to settle the score with him. But things will turn out different and Rhea will intervene.

Rhea will take on Thales and engage in an explosive magical nail-biting battle. The fight will presumably result in the death of both Rhea and Thales, freeing Fodlan from the control of both dominant forces.

At the end of the battle, Edelgard will stand tall, hoping for a peaceful era in the future.

Blue Lions Ending

In this scenario, Dimitri will end up standing against the evils of Thales and will engage in a battle to decide for the future. By the end of the battle, Dimitri will emerge victorious, and Thales facing the consequences of his evils will end up dying. Edelgard looks on, defeated!

Claude appears to reluctantly accept Rhea as a future ally as Shez and Dimitri return to him. In the final scene, they’ll look into the sky as they decide their next step for the future and finally move on.

Golden Deer Ending

This particular ending is worlds apart from the previous two because if you decide to go with Golden Deer, at the end of the day, Claude and Shez will not turn the tables on Thales.

Instead, they’ll end up standing against the Central Church, engaging in a deadly battle with Rhea to determine the fate of the future. The battle will take an interesting turn as Rhea transforms into a dragon to deal with Claude and Shez.

Still, Claude and Shez will manage to make it through and kill the dragon (Rhea). Claude suggests an end to the war. Surprisingly, neither Edelgard nor Dimitri appear in this ending. Guess we’ll never know what becomes of them.

Secret Ending

To begin with, the Secret Ending does not occur at the end of the game; rather, it appears as two new additional chapters titled The Hour of Vengeance and Into the Chasm. These chapters are followed by Chapter 14 of the game.

The Secret ending is the same whether you choose the path of Black Eagles, Blue Lions, or Golden Deer; only the playable characters will resonate with the path you choose.

Your decision regarding Byleth is what leads to the secret ending. If you kill them, you will be unable to access the Secret Ending. However, if you recruit Byleth, you will be able to access the Secret Ending, the additional chapters.

Here is what’s in store and how things turn out in both chapters.

Chapter 15 – The Hour of Vengeance

To begin, Shez without any warning is possessed by Arval, who decides to unleash their combined mysterious power to finish Byleth. The team members will decide to pursue Shez and eventually defeat him.

Afterward, Solon will appear as a boss and must be defeated to complete the chapter. In the battle, Solon will be injured by the leader of the house you choose; nonetheless, he’ll manage to escape.

Shez, who is still in Arval’s possession will show up and kill Solon. This will open a mysterious portal to the dimension of darkness known as Zahras.

The heads of all three Houses will arrive and be swallowed up by the portal and end up in Zahras.  This marks the end of this chapter.

Chapter 16 – Into the Chasm

In Chapter 16, it is revealed that Arval is under the control of a force known as Epimenides. Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude will join forces with Shez to defeat Epimenides.

They’ll succeed, however, Arval will also disappear alongside Epimenides and will not be seen afterward. And that’s the end!

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