Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Best Characters Tier List

In this Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes guide, we'll be ranking all characters from different houses into tier lists regarding...

In this Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes guide, we’ll be ranking all characters from different houses into tier lists regarding their abilities and performance to make choosing a little easier for you.

Doing so informs you regarding which are the best and must-have characters in the game, especially if you’re starting your journey. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has put much thought and effort into each character, making it a little hard to prioritize one from another, but we’ve got your back, as always.

Overall Best Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

If we were to choose the best characters from the entirety of the selection, we would probably argue the following have no match:

  • Shez
  • Byleth


Shez is THE best character in the game, as he gives you remote access to the deadliest moves in his arsenal. He is the game’s main character, and his moves carry a bit more weight as the deciding benefactor of the battle.

Shez is the best in Asura Class and boasts phenomenal speed using his ability Shadowflash.


Byleth is on par with Shez with her power moves and astounding stats. She excels in the Enlightened One class, and while She likes to move around really fast, Byleth prefers to literally stop time for a brief 20 seconds using Divine Pulse, which also happens to be her unique ability.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Black Eagles Character Tier List

  • S Tier – Edelgard, Ferdinand, and Monica
  • A Tier – Linhardt and Caspar
  • B Tier – Hubert, Dorothea, Petra, Manuela and Jeritza
  • C Tier – Bernadetta

S Tier Characters


Starting with Edelgard she’s one of the best characters so far in the Black Eagles’ house. If we have to rank her, she’s undoubtedly the #1 you should go for. She has strong abilities such as Solar Prominence, which sets enemies encountered by her on fire and deals massive damage. She’s great if you’re looking forward to dealing with mobs or even attacking from a distance without putting yourself at risk.

She also possesses Emperor’s Prestige and Ambition abilities, which are great for guarding enemies to sustain 50% damage and reduce damage taken by enemies by 30%.


The second-best character on our S-tier list is Ferdinand. He possesses the Maximum Ambulation ability that strengthens him with each 300th hit he lands. As a result, his speed becomes almost insane and provides benefits in dealing with many enemies at once.

Ferdinand also has the Noble Pride ability to reduce any damage he takes from his enemies by 30%.


Last on our S tier list is Monica. She’s one of the badass units in the Black Eagle house. She has some of the most incredible offense and support abilities and plays well in the Mage class.

She has the Wicked Impulse ability giving her a perfect playstyle that ensures her to release shock waves on her enemies that can absolutely stun them. Additionally, she has the Shrewd Operator and Perfect Memory abilities. These abilities increase the damage that enemies deal by 30%.

A Tier Characters


For our A tier, we have Linhardt as the first character to discuss. Just like his cool persona, Linhardt is also pretty good at combat. He has regular attack combos that produce the Easy Breeze outbreak, which releases wind orbs that targets the enemies and attack them in a narrow range. This is especially helpful when you have too many enemies to deal with at once. To add to the abilities, he also has the Logician ability, which is great for him as it reduces the damage he takes from enemies by 30%.

Cat Nap is also an ability possessed by Linhardt, which focuses on increasing his HP upon recovering while inside an allied stronghold.


The second and last on our A-tier list is Caspar. Another great character in terms of having a much more energetic playstyle. He has one of the deadliest abilities known as the One for the Books. It allows him to charge attacks and increases his attack ranges. He becomes a major threat while being present on the battleground.

While playing as Caspar, players can also use the Fists of Justice ability to provide increased damage to the enemy’s Stun Gauges and take 30% reduced damage upon being hit by an enemy through the Born Fighter ability.

B Tier Characters


On the B-tier list, we first have Hubert. Hubert is great in terms of the unique abilities he possesses. Out of all Black Eagle members, he has the highest Magic stats, making him a great option for you to choose. Additionally, he has the Dark Conjuration power that attacks and shreds up enemies with a magic spike.

With the perception ability, the Stun Gauge remains visible for a longer period, and by activating Officer’s Duty, Hubert deals 30% reduced damage upon being hit by an enemy.


Next, we have Dorothea. She’s a great supporting character during the battles and can activate the trigger elemental shockwaves using her Prismatic Resonance ability.

She also has the supportive ability of Songtress to recover the nearby allies’ HP and Awakening Gauges. Moreover, with the Center Surge, Dorthea increases damage dealt by enemies by 30%.


Third, on the list, we’ve got Petra. She’s a great option if you’re a fan of modifying abilities with builds. She performs best with crit-heavy builds and has the unique ability to deal with Wind Damage with her Windstorm ability.

In addition, she has Hunter’s Boon support ability, which upon activation restores her Awakening Gauge with each critical hit, and with her Outland Technique ability, she can increase damage dealt by enemies by 30%.


Manuela is another great option as she’s really good with her damage output. She has the Infirmary Master ability that lets her recover her surrounding allies, and upon using Polymath, she can reduce 30% of the damage she takes from enemies.


Last but certainly not least on the B tier list; we have Jeritza. He’s incredible if you like to play in offense. His mobility is insane and can be beneficial if you want to move across the map quickly. With his Quietus ability, his attack fills up his Unique Ability Gauge, and as it fills up, press ZR to instantly kill all non- commander enemies. Moreover, this ability also doubles up the damage enemies deal.

To elevate your playstyle with Jeritza, you can also use the Murderous Intent to increase his critical hit rate when attacking with full HP, and by using Obliteration, players can increase damage dealt by enemies by 30%.

C Tier


We’ve ranked Bernadetta on the C-tier list. Although she has some unique abilities, they are not enough for dealing with enemies. She is better at defending and can have a good critical hit rate through her Personal Space ability.

She also has the Persecution Complex, which is not the greatest but helps the slightest in increasing the damage the enemies deal. Finally, she also possesses Master of Concealment, which increases the damage enemies receive by 30% upon activation.

Best Characters For Black Eagles

If we have to pick the best characters out of all eleven characters in Black Eagles’ house in FEW: Three Hopes, we definitely will choose the following six as our favorites.

  • Edelgard
  • Ferdinand
  • Monica
  • Linhardt
  • Caspar
  • Jeritza

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Blue Lions Character Tier List

  • S Tier – Mercedes, Sylvain, Dimitri, Felix and Ingrid
  • A Tier – Ashe, and Annette
  • B Tier – Rodrigue
  • C Tier – Dedue

S Tier Characters


Starting strong with five characters in the S tier from Blue Lion’s house, we first have Mercedes. She performs best in priest class and has some of the most outstanding abilities up her sleeves. She can execute a perfect wide-ranged attack with her Radiant Love ability, and once her Skill Gauge is full, she can also heal nearby allies. Moreover, she can restore nearby allies’ HP with live-to-serve power. Finally, while in battle, you can activate her Devotion ability, which reduces 30% of damage received from enemies.


Just as great as Mercedes, we have Sylvain next on the list. He’s an all-in-one package with his insane speed, strength, and attack range. If you’re confused about any character, just choose Sylvian, and you’re all set. Once you activate Godian Stroke for him, it’s over for enemies around him. With every 300th hit, his damage and range increase.

Moreover, to complement his flirtatious personality, he also has the Adept Flirt ability that allows him to fill his Awakening Gauge faster when around female allies. Lastly, he has the Valiant Bloodline, which reduces 30% of the damage he receives from enemies upon activation.


Dimitri is another incredible character to choose from. He’s a dynamic individual with exceptional speed and the ability to deal extra lightning damage from enemies that produce Azure Lightning ability. Moreover, he’s great at providing damage to foe’s HP and Stun Gauges and increasing their damage by 30% by Reign ability.


Following Dimitri, we also have Felix on the list. Just as his fierce looks, he’s also an absolute killer in playing offense. He possesses one of the highest Str and Spd in the Blue Lions house, making him an easy choice. In addition, his Intense Velocity makes him super-fast during battles, whereas using Lone Wolf will increase damage to enemies. Lastly, he also has the Eager Blade ability that makes him give his enemies 30% more harm than usual.


Last but not least on the S tier list is Ingrid. She possesses some of the greatest ranged attacks in the Blue Lion house, and her ability, Icy Plunge, can easily clear out hordes of enemies in a  battle arena. Additionally, Heaven-Sent increases her Warrior Gauge before attacking enemies, giving them greater damage, and Sworn Lance grants her to provide her enemies additional 30% more damage.

A Tier


For the A tier list, we have Ashe as our first choice. Out of all Blue Lion characters, Ashe is the only character that has bows and arrows as his default weapon. This is one of the major benefits if players decide to choose him as their main character. Additionally, he performs best with Archer class and can create a wind zone by his Wind Stance ability.

Moreover, he holds the Lock Pin ability letting him open any chest without needing the keys, and can also grant slight chances of increasing items dropped by defeated enemies. Finally, using Knight’s Oath, Ashe can decrease 30% of damage received by enemies.


Next on the A tier list is Annette. She performs best in Monk class and is very efficient with her magic. She also has great offense abilities, and heavy melee parties suit her the most.

Courageous Aria allows her to provide a burst of energy to her and her allies, while using Overachiever grants increased damage to her enemies every time she achieves 30 kills. Moreover, her Ray of Sunshine ability increases the damage for enemies by 30%.

B Tier


For the B tier list, we have Rodrigue. He possesses great offense skills and can execute great ranged attacks through his Martial Prowess action ability. He’s also helpful while playing in the third person and can be great to use as support while dealing with dense mobs.

His Support and Tactical abilities are great as Right-Hand Man enables him to nullify critical hits and status effects when his HP is lower than 25%, and King’s Lance allows him to deal 30% less damage when attacked by an enemy.

C Tier


Concluding the Tier list for Blue Lions, we have Dedue. He’s not an exceptional or completely worse character, and he’s just very slow and not very ideal to use as the leading role while being present in crucial battles. He doesn’t stand out in terms of his combat skills; however, he’s great as a support unit. He can absorb all extra pain through his unique abilities and can produce blasts while battle providing enemies minor damage through his Demolisher ability.

Additionally, with his Staunch Shield ability, he can slightly restore his Warrior Gauge, whereas his Life and Limb ability help him take 30% less damage while being attacked by enemies.

Best Characters For Blue Lions

If we have to pick the best characters out of all nine characters in Blue Lions’ house in FEW: Three Hopes, we definitely will choose the following four as our favorites.

  • Ingrid
  • Mercedes
  • Sylvain
  • Dimitri

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Golden Deer Character Tier List

  • S Tier– Leonie, Claude, Shamir, and Hilda
  • A Tier– Lysithea
  • B Tier– Lorenz, Marianne, and Raphael
  • C Tier– Ignatz

S Tier


First on S tier list for Golden Deer house in FEW: Three Hopes, we have Leonie. She’s one of the best performers on the field and has some of the highest hit counts. Moreover, she’s good with mobility making it easy to have her roam around the map and get her to places faster.

Leonie is really vigilant with her attacks and can easily land successful hits giving enemies exceptional damage. With Reverence’s ability, the more consecutive hits she makes, her speed increases, giving enemies fewer chances to dodge her attacks.

Moreover, complimenting her tough personality, her Warrior Gauge Slightly increases whenever she’s around the opposite sex. Lastly, Rivalry enables her to receive 30% less damage whenever an enemy provides attacks her.


Next, we have Claude. He’s also one of your top choice that players must consider opting for. His attacks are more than enough to clear out a whole field of enemies, and he can easily become a leader of any army. Moreover, his unique Dustcloud ability lets him deal with wind attacks, and with Foresight, he can produce 30% more damage to enemies than usual.


Shamir is another great choice as she possesses great offensive abilities and can land excellent critical hits with the correct timings. She’s also all good alone as she has the Survival Instinct ability, and it restores her Warrior Gauge whenever an enemy commander is defeated. Moreover, Shamir can produce 30% more damage to enemies than before with the Deadly Aim ability.

Lastly, for the S tier, we have Hilda. She has great Lightning Bound abilities that produce attacks enough to clear out mobs. She’s great with her powerful hits and can cause much damage in less time.

She also has Advocate ability, which fills up her Adjutant Gauge and increases the damage it produces. Finally, with Delicate Flower, she can cause 30% more harm to enemies.

A Tier


While performing under mage class, Lysithea is great with her damage output. She’s very quick and powerful on the field. Although she is prone to getting hits from enemies, with the right strategies, she can become an unstoppable force during combat.

With her Cursed Expulsion, not only she creates an explosion to damage nearby enemies, but she also releases Spellbound enemies.

Moreover, with her Unsought Power ability, she can refurbish the Awakening and Warrior Gauges upon activating Crests. Lastly, Virtuoso let her provide 30% more damage to her enemies.

B Tier


On B Tier, we first have Lorenz. With his Rondo of Roses, he can fill his Unique Ability Gauge while attacking and it aids in drawing enemies into a distance. Moreover, the Distinguished House ability helps him increase his Awakening Gauge fill rate, and Noble Duty allows him to cause 30% more damage to his enemies.


Marianne is a great character in terms of being a support. She wouldn’t quite necessarily fill in as the leader of any fight however she has access to the trust, which makes her a decent adjutant. She has Snowslip ability that, on every 300th hit, releases falling ice orbs to damage her foes and has the Careful study to receive 30% reduced damage upon getting hit by enemies.


Lastly, we have Raphael. He’s witty and can execute powerful attacks against enemies using his Pure Brawn and Goody Basket skills. He’s also quite mobile on the field but lacks damage-reducing abilities. Unbending Spirit lets him receive 30% reduced damage upon getting hit by enemies.

C Tier


Concluding the tier list, we have Ignatz. He’s only exceptional in terms of his visuals; other than that, he has little to offer. However, he can splatter the battlefield with his paintbrush, and enemies who step on it receive electrical damage.

Besides that, his Tactile and Support skills are quite ordinary, giving him 30% reduced damage upon being hit by enemies and increasing the critical hit rate with each successful attack he lands on enemies.

Best Characters For Golden Deer

If we have to pick the best characters out of all nine characters in Golden Deer house in FEW: Three Hopes, we definitely will choose the following four as our favorites.

  • Leonie
  • Claude
  • Shamir
  • Hilda
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