Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Best Weapons

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is all about hacking, slashing, and deadly combat. To proceed further in the game, players must deal with several enemies and participate in many regional battles. However, to successfully do so, they must also be in possession of some of the best weapons in the game. In this Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes guide, we’ll walk you through the best weapons from each category and list why they should be your pick.

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, players have a total of six different kinds of weapons. Each has its own functions and attributes that contribute to your combat performance and its success. Therefore, it is almost crucial for the players to look through each weapon and choose which one will suit their play style the most.

After analyzing all the weapons and their performance in different battles and side quests, below, we have selected the best weapons from each of the six available weapon categories in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to make your selection process less stressful and more efficient.

Best Swords

Following are the two Best Swords players can choose while playing FEW: Three Hopes.

Sword of Zoltan

Spoiler alert! Anything Zoltan will be your best friend while participating in different combats and encountering various enemies. Sword of Zoltan is our first sword pick for you.

We say it’s the best sword in FEW:3H because it checks off every ‘yes’ box for us. You’ll be able to acquire this Sword in +10 form and it has 150 Might and 145 Durability. It has a total of 25 uses, giving you enough room to play and experiment with this weapon.

It enables players to crush their enemies and provides massive damage with its 90% hit rate. Moreover, it has decent durability that will ensure you perform well during battles without being afraid of it bringing down your performance. It also has a viable range, enabling players to get close to enemies and shred them apart.

The Fire Emblem Sword

Our second best pick for you is the Fire Emblem Sword. Although we believe nothing tops Sword of Zoltan, you can still pick The Fire Emblem sword as it performs surprisingly good as well. It has a whopping 30 uses, making it a reliable weapon for its users. Moreover, it has about 11 Might which makes it powerful and gives it the ability to tackle tank bosses in the game.

It also has an 80% hit chance which again makes it the best performing sword against enemies and it also has 10% base crit and one base. So if Sword of Zolten is not your style, you should definitely equip yourself with this bad boy.

Best Lances

Following are the two Best Lances players can choose while playing FEW:3H.

Arrow of Indra

There’s no surprise Arrow of Indra makes the cut for the best lance. It’s hand down one of the best lance options you can equip yourself with. Even if your character’s magic abilities are a bit compromised, this will still perform well for you. It has one of the best Might and Durability stats out of all lances in the game.

In addition, it’s accompanied by Lightning Crash ability which are produced when a strong attack is produced using this weapon. It is a two-in-one weapon, and we recommend this highly for players who are fond of lances.

Lance of Zoltan

Zoltan is back on the list. If you pull this bad boy out in the middle of battle, you best believe it will wipe away all your enemies, leaving you in disbelief. It is a killer lance with an A rating indicating its strength. You can use this lance for about 20 uses which is not too bad and decent in comparison to other lances. Moreover, it has 15  Might and 80% hit chances, guaranteeing your absolute wins if used correctly.

It is also a lightweight weapon, so there won’t be too much weight added to your character, and your mobility will remain uncompromised. How good can it get? This is one of the best and ideal lances if you’re on the lookout for which one to get.

Best Axes

Following are the two Best Axes players can choose while playing FEW:3H.

Axe of Zoltan

And we cross our paths with Zoltan yet again. This time in the form of an Axe ofcourse. As mentioned before, anything Zoltan should be your first choice. These weapons perform the best and keep you in a safe and balanced state against your enemies.

It will mince up your enemies, we went too graphic, but the emphasis must be placed on how good it is! It is an A-ranked axe and has 20 uses. Anything 20 or above is a reliable weapon, leaving enough room to combat and practice strategies for its users. It has a 70% hit chance which is great for an axe, and 17 Might—overall, a good choice for players who are confused about what axe to equip.

Brave Axe

Just as the name sounds, this axe is brave enough to whack those enemies. If you’re aware of the weapon tier system, you may already know that Brave tier weapons are one of the best weapons, hence why we have Brave Axe on our list.

It provides decent balance of  Durability and Might, which lets players deal with enemies and provides them deadly damage without worrying about the weapon giving up on them. In addition, it has a whopping 50 uses, making it an absolute winner in the Axe category.

Best Bows

Following are the two Best Bows players can choose while playing Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Bow of Zoltan

Don’t ask why, you know why we’re back with another weapon variation of Zoltan. Bow of Zoltan is another killer in the Zoltan category. The 13 Might and 75% hit stats are just incredible. You can’t go wrong with this weapon as it heavily backs you against massive enemies on the battlefield.

Moreover, what makes it even a better choice is that it contributes to increasing dexterity and critical damage, which will again help you a lot with unfavorable encounters.

Tathlum Bow

Our second favorite on the list is Tathlum Bow. It is also ranked A and has incredible damage output. It performs just as well as the other top suggested, a variant of bows. With great stats as 13 Might, 80% hits, and dealing bonus damage to flying units; we think it’s the best pick for you. Moreover, it has 30 uses which add more to why it’s an ideal choice.

Best Gauntlets

Following are the two Best Gauntlets players can choose while playing FEW: Three Hopes.

Dragon Claws

For Gauntlets, we prefer Dragon Claws to be the first on our list. Not only does it provide a cool exterior aesthetic to the character that equips it, but it will also break jaws. It has a 75% hit with a 5% crit rate. Alongside it has 30 uses, making it a reliable weapon to take while going to battles.

Aura Knuckles

If you’re equipped with Aura Knuckles, you don’t even have to worry about being equipped with other weapons. It is a perfect choice for players as it has 30 uses that allow you to bring tough and end-game types of fights, and it has a 70% hit chance. Although 3 Might is a very low stat for this weapon, the hit chance rate makes it a minor and invisible inconvenience.

Best Tomes

Following are the two Best Tomes players can choose while playing FEW:3H.

Hero Tome

One of the absolute best tomes players can equip themselves with. It has an S ranking and will turn your enemy into ashes. It is an insanely good choice for players to go for. With 480-720 Might, this has to be an end-game weapon for the players. Relying on it while combat will ensure you an absolute win.

Brave Tome

Finally, we have the Brave Tome. The second best and A ranking tome in the game. You can kill any enemy anytime you like with its incredible 160+ Might and promising Durability. This is an excellent choice for magic users in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

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