When To Promote Units In Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage follows a new path with a changed class system in terms of class abilities. When you promote your units in Fire Emblem Engage, the advanced class gives you the option to experiment with other abilities, weapon types, and combinations.

Each unit needs growth and planning before you can change or promote them. This is a huge improvement from Three Houses as you must work to promote your unit to new classes. For that purpose, we have prepared a guide to assist you with how Fire Emblem Engage promotions work and when to promote your unit in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to promote unit in Fire Emblem Engage

To promote units in Fire Emblem Engage, there are a few prerequisites. You need to reach Chapter 8 in the main story to unlock the ability to change classes. For promotion status, you will require a Master seal or Second seal to promote units depending on what you are trying to achieve.

To go from “Base class to Advanced class” you need to be Level 10+ and use a Master seal. To go from a “base class to another base class” or an “advanced class to a base class” you can use a Second seal at any level. This will reset you to a different class of the same category, lower but not higher.

To return to the exact same class you were currently on it would require you to essentially reset yourself to level 1 and for that, you need to be on level 20 in that respective class and use a Second seal.

Master Seals

Master Seals are required for promoting a Unit in Fire Emblem Engage. From Chapter 7 onwards, you will be allowed to purchase Master seals and Second Seals from the item shop at Somniel.

These are limited to the purchase you make but are refreshed after each chapter you complete. So you can visit the item shops afterward as well to purchase them.

Weapon Proficiency

Furthermore, there is another condition to promoting units and changing classes in FE Engage which is Weapon Proficiency. As all units come with default proficiency some might come with a few.

This can be deduced from the example that to promote a “Mage to a Mage Knight” you will need proficiencies in either Tome or sword (Lances or Axes).

You can obtain weapon proficiencies from the main 12 emblems that you unlock in the game. Keep in mind that the bond rings will only give you unit stat boosts so don’t rely on them for weapon proficiencies.

When to promote units in Fire Emblem Engage

You should know that to be promoted in the previous fire emblem games you had to wait until you reached level 20. This is no longer valid in Fire Emblem Engage. You promote at unit at both level 10 or level 20.

Since you can reset both Base class and Advance class back to level 1 once they reach level 20 there is almost no reason not to promote a unit at level 10 of their base class.

This means that all of your stats remain the same even when you reset to level 1 using a “Second seal” at level 20, of either a base or advanced class.

None of the base classes with the exclusion of “Special classes”, i.e., Dancer or Thief, gain any abilities or bonuses from being in the base class. With that in mind, to get class abilities you need to get Level 5 in your respective advanced class to unlock it.

Once you have unlocked the class ability feel free to promote the unit to another class if you want to experience other abilities, weapon types, or combinations.

Also, don’t promote early by using second seals after chapter 10 because, after this chapter, you will get some bonus points if you haven’t been promoted. Wait until these bonus points are in your inventory, then promote your units.

It is better to wait for level 20 and then promote the unit to an advanced level because it will significantly boost your unit. If you haven’t used second seals yet, then wait until chapter 18 and use them to promote your characters to the highest level so that you can use their maximum potential.

Best units to promote in Fire Emblem Engage

The following units are considered best to promote in FE Engage as you continue onward in the main game. These units can be promoted after Level 10 and these include:

UnitStarting classPromote to
AlearDragon ChildDivine Dragon
ChloeLance FlierGriffen Knight
FrameMartial MonkMartial Master
JeanMartial MonkHigh Priest
LouisLance ArmorGreat Knight
JadeAxe ArmorGeneral

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