Fire Emblem Engage Fishing Guide: How To Catch All Fish Types

Fire Emblem Engage has a fishing mini-game that allows you to take a break from your lengthy battles and politics. Once you have a fishing rod, you can head out to catch some fish meat as well as get Bond Fragments in return depending on what fish type you have caught.

There is more to understand here than just casting a line in the water. Fire Emblem Engage fishing can be a bit tricky at first, so here is everything you need to know about catching fish in the game.

How to unlock fishing in Fire Emblem Engage

The fishing mini-game in Fire Emblem Engage is not available at the start. It can only be unlocked after you have completed Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might.

When you complete Chapter 8, Diamant can be recruited into your team. He is the one who will introduce you to fishing in a pond in Somniel.

How to catch fish in Fire Emblem Engage

To start fishing, you will have to talk to the person standing beside the pond. If it’s your first time fishing, he will give you the Modest Rod. Otherwise, he will just start the mini-game. There will be a yellow indicator on the pond’s surface displaying where you want to catch the fish from.

On the surface of the water, you may find ripples which is an indication of the fish’s presence. The size of the ripple is proportional to the size of the fish but it is difficult to differentiate the big one from the small one.

When you throw your line, you will be shown the float. When the float gets pulled into the water, you can hook the fish to the line by pressing A or the key which is displayed. Perfect timing can help reduce the endurance of the fish by a lot.

Keep in mind that if you do this too early or late, you will have to cast again. Also, the float sometimes gives a false impression of being pulled under by going down a little bit. This all can be avoided by syncing your hooking with the NOW! of the support character.

When the fish is hooked, it will fight against you and will pull the line as hard as it can to break free. A triangle will appear and it will show the location of the fish. Pull the fish closer to you by moving the left stick in the opposite direction to the fish and pulling it from the Dark region to the light region.

When you have pulled the fish to the light blue portion, the fish will become unconscious. Press the A button repeatedly as fast as possible. The endurance of the fish will go down with each press.

When it regains consciousness it will swim toward the Dark blue areas and regain some of its stamina. Repeat this process multiple times until the bar of the fish is down to zero.

When the bar goes down to zero, a pair of circles with an A Key in it will appear. When both the circles align, press A to catch the fish. If you don’t time this right, the fish will escape.

Use Sommie to fish faster

Sommie is the guardian of Somniel. It can be acquired as a pet and can help in fishing as well. Firstly you will have to make him your friend for which we have formulated a detailed article.

Now when you bring Sommie in with you, it can decrease the Fish’s Endurance bar. It also saves you if you don’t press the A button quickly in the end when catching, by giving you another chance.

How to get all fishing rods in Fire Emblem Engage

When you unlock fishing, you will be given the Modest Rod. This rod is the simplest of them. You can unlock and buy 2 more rods as you progress through the game. The other two rods are the Sturdy Rod and the Supreme Rod.

Both these rods can be bought from the Flea Market. In the Flea Market, the Sturdy Rod is available after you have completed chapter 16. The Supreme Rod is available after you have completed Chapter 20.

The Modest Rod will give you 3 turns to fish. With the Sturdy Rod, you can fish 6 times while the Supreme Rod lets you fish 10 times per sitting. All the rods can capture their fish and the better the rod the more valuable the fish in terms of Bond Fragments and items from the fish.

The Modest Rod is given to you as a gift and it does not cost anything. Other than that the Sturdy Rod costs 500 G while the Supreme Rod costs 800 G.

List of all fish types, their rod, and time requirements

There are several types of fish to catch in Fire Emblem Engage. Each fish type has its own requirements. You need the right fishing rod and the right time of the day to catch certain fish.

Once you have all three fishing rods, check the table below to confirm when should you head out to a pond to catch all fish types in FE Engage.

FishTime of DayFishing RodBond Fragments
CharwalEveningModest Rod20
Samian HerringAfternoonModest Rod20
Big-Eyed SardineMorningModest Rod10
Sint TroutMorningModest Rod40
Paffo SquidAfternoonSturdy Rod50
Sammar CrabMorningModest Rod40
Caria CarpAfternoonModest Rod70
Myceen EelEveningModest Rod60
Gela Tail SierraAfternoonSturdy Rod60
Tieraden TroutMorningSturdy Rod80
Matob OctopusEvening/NightSturdy Rod80
Smash-Head RayMorningSupreme Rod100
Chromatic TroutMorningSturdy Rod500
Tipa SalmonEvening/ NightSturdy Rod150
Mir CatfishEvening/ NightSupreme Rod150
Valcamonic CodMorningSupreme Rod100
Monvill BassAfternoonSupreme Rod250
Canisaria EelEvening/ NightSupreme Rod300
Bisot TunaAfternoonSupreme Rod500
Enchan TunaAfternoonSupreme Rod1000

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