Fire Emblem Engage: Best Mage For Dire Thunder

If you are looking to have a powerful mage unit in your party, you need to get the Dire Thunder skill in Fire Emblem Engage.

This is one of the early-game skills that you can unlock to be able to attack twice at the start of every turn.

Like other skills, you need to find the best mage for Dire Thunder to make the most out of its magical stats.

Fire Emblem Engage Dire Thunder skill explained

Dire Thunder is a powerful skill that can be equipped by mages who are Thunder users. This skill can make you gain the upper hand during a fight due to its offensive potential.

When Dire Thunder is equipped, it allows your character to attack twice in the beginning before the foe has even initiated their attack. Using this skill, you get to deal damage from the onset and set the fate of the fight.

Equipping your mage with the Dire Thunder Skill requires you to have Olwen Bond Ring from the Leif Emblem. The Olwen Bond Ring should have S Ranking with Mag1, Spd2, and Lck1 stats.

If you have an Olwen Bond Ring with a ranking less than S, you can raise its rank using Bond Fragments. Two C-rank Olwen Bond Rings can be upgraded to a B-rank Olwen Bond Ring using 100 Bond Fragments.

Similarly, B rank can be upgraded to A rank by having 3 Olwen B rings and 1000 Bond Fragments. Finally, S rank Olwen Bond Ring can be obtained using 4 Olwen A rings and 10000 Bond Fragments which can be used to equip Dire Thunder Skill.

Best mage for Dire Thunder in Fire Emblem Engage

All mages who are Thunder users can make use of the Dire Thunder Skill but the best mage to equip with the Dire Thunder skill is Citrinne, one of Alcryst’s retainers that you can recruit in Chapter 7.

Unlike many other characters whose strongest ring is an Emblem Ring, Citrenne’s strongest ring is an S-rank Olwen Bond Ring.

Any mage with high magic stats is a good fit for Dire Thunder but the skill is best for a mage who has low speed stats because it grants them survivability. Hence, Citrenneis a character who fits perfectly into this description.

Having excellent growth rates in magic but low growth stats elsewhere, Citrenne’s progress is usually hindered in a battle. Giving her access to Dire Thunder will remove that obstacle and allow her to have a high chance to get the first attack in every turn. This turns her one disadvantage to a massive advantage.