Best Classes For Each Character In Fire Emblem Engage

There are dozens of classes to choose from in Fire Emblem Engage. This guide will tell you which are the best classes to pick for your units.

There are dozens of different classes to choose from in Fire Emblem Engage. Some you will find pretty basic but others are just too overpowered in any battle. Fire Emblem Engage Classes determine the combat styles and mechanics of your units. Some may work better with certain class types, hence, making it important to know the best class for each unit in Fire Emblem Engage.

Every unit starts out with a base, default class but which can be changed and upgraded over your progression. Judging by the playstyle of the units, you may be able to guess the best Classes for them, but that won’t be as easy as you think.

To solve your problem, in this guide we’ll take a look at some of the best Classes in Fire Emblem Engage. Note that we have used Advanced Classes in this guide, which you can unlock with Master Seals.

Alcryst – Sniper

Alcryst’s ranged attacks are made only stronger by making him a sniper. As a sniper, Alcryst is safe from more magic users and benefits from the increased damage that Alcryst can now deal through the follow-up attacks and increased chance for critical hits.

Framme – High Priest

Framme is a powerful mage, and the High Priest class is one of the best classes to pick for her in Fire Emblem Engage. The high Priest class is well suited for Qi Adept characters. Framme is already a healer for your party. The High Priest class helps enhance Framme’s role as a support unit and improves her damage-dealing capability.

Clanne – Mage Knight

Clanne is best suited for the Mage Knight class, given his ability to use offensive magic and his skill with a sword on the battlefield. Being a mage knight allows Clanne to increase his magic capabilities and benefit from the agility of a swordsman at that same time.

Vander – Great Knight

As one of the top-ranking characters in Fire Emblem: Engage, Vander has much experience and strength to carry him in a fight. Being a Great Knight will further boost Vander’s damage and defense, perfect for handling multiple enemies at once without wavering.

Saphir – Warrior

Saphir meets every aspect of a unit that demands Warrior class, so you should let her stay in the same class. Her personal skill Will to Win can raise hit and avoid chances as soon as her HP drops below 50%.

She will meet you near the endgame as an ally unit in Chapter 19. If you prevent her death in time, you won’t regret having this Warrior unit with you in the daunting late game stages.

Alfred – Avenir

Being a lord, Alfred comes with his unique class, Avenir. This is the best option for Alfred. The class reduces all physical damage inflicted on Alfred. It gives Alfred better stats than all the other cavalry units in the Fire Emblem Engage. You can experiment with General or Great Knight classes if you don’t like Avenir class for Alfred.

Boucheron – Warrior

Boucheron is a powerful character in Fire Emblem: Engage. For a character that already has high strength, you can pick the warrior class for Boucheron and further increase the sheer raw power of the character.

Etie – Bow Knight

Bow Knight is the perfect class for Etie. The class offers her better mobility and the option to use a secondary weapon. These perks are not found in the sniper class. Etie also has higher strength, allowing her to use melee weapons and her bow.

Celine – Vidame

The best option for Celine’s class is the unique advanced class she comes with, Vidame. The class allows her to use swords, staves, and tomes simultaneously. Being a Vidame, Celine can be one of the most potent units in your party, with her ability to deal a ridiculous amount of damage to all.

Chloe – Griffin Knight

Being a knight, Chloe already comes with excellent stats, which can be further enhanced by using Griffin Knight as the main class for Chloe. Griffin Knight’s class also grants Chloe access to staff.

She might not become a powerful mage, but she can use basic healing and warping spells, which allow her to support herself and her party members.

Louis – General

Louis is a true tank, dealing severe damage and absorbing anything thrown at him. As such, one of the best classes for Louis in Fire Emblem Engage is General, which allows the monster to use any weapon you can get your hands on and provide a significant buff to your strength, defense, and overall rating.

As a General, Louis can hold the entire frontline on his own. With a support unit by his side, Louis will be an unstoppable juggernaut of a General.

Jean – High Priest

Jean comes with Martial Master default class, but high magic stats of Jean indicate that high Priest is the best option for Jean. Jean can use powerful Tomes and use both offensive and support spells.

Anna – Sage

Although she starts as an Axe Fighter, Anna is one of the worst strength-based units in Fire Emblem: Engage. Picking up any magical class for Anna is much better suited to her stats, especially seeing how fast you can scale up Anna’s magic stat.

Yunaka – Thief

The ideal class for Yunaka is the Thief class, which is also the default class Yunaka comes with. Yunaka has perfect stats for working as a thief or assassin. She has high speed and superb critical hit chances. You can also opt for the Wolf Knight class to use poisoned daggers, but you will need help with low speed.

Lapis – Wyvern Knight

Lapis has high speed and attack power, but Lapis desperately needs a defense to withstand anything. As such, you can pick the Wyvern Knight class for Lapis, which provides a much-needed defense boost without sacrificing Lapis’ offense and speed.

Citrinne – Sage

Citrinne is a powerful mage, and going for the Sage class with Citrinne improves her sky-high magic stats. You can also opt for the Mage Knight class to boost Citrinne’s speed if you want Citrinne to be more active during fights.

Mauvier – Royal Knight

Mavier has high damage, resistance, and defense, which hints that he should stay in his starting class (Royal Knight). His stat growth rate is extremely efficient, making him one of the best support units in FE Engage.

Diamant – Successeur

Successeur is the best choice for Diamant. Diamant has no outstanding stats or skills, so going with Successeur allows you to provide some high dexterity to Diamant and the ability to restore Daimant’s health, depending on the damage Diamant deals.

Panette – Berserker

As a strong physical attacker, Panette can efficiently win battles with her aggression as a Berserker class character. It goes well with her high HP and Strength stats. However, it certainly hinders her Dexterity and Speed. So, you can also consider Paladin for her. This class offers other stat boosts that she lacks. Although it doesn’t provide Strength, Panette can survive without that as she’s already good in strength.

Amber – Great Knight

Amber is a frontline, and you need to ensure that Amber’s defense and attack are both up. The great Knight class allows Amber to have higher defense and attack power.

This compliments Amber’s skill and increases his attack rate when alone but reduces dodging chance by 10. Being a Great Knight allows Amber to fight when alone without taking too much damage.

Alear – Divine Dragon

The best class for Alear is their own starting class, Divine Dragon. As a successor of the Divine Dragon, this choice is obvious as it perfectly aligns with the growth of their high HP, speed, and Dexterity stats. It also works well toward Alear’s sword power. Moreover, the Divine Spirit skill of this class shortens the Engage meter by one bar, allowing Alear to summon Emblems faster.

Jade – General

General is the best choice for Jade, who has the chart’s defense. The General class allows Jade to increase her defense and boost her attack. Pairing Jade as a General with any support mage will make her virtually unstoppable.

Ivy –Lindwurm

Ivy’s unique class, Lindwurm, is the best choice for Ivy. The class allows Ivy to keep her Wyvern and cast powerful magic spells using a stave in Fire Emblem Engage. Additionally, being a Lindwurm makes her resistant to many magic spells, perfect for fighting the late-game mages and sages who are absurdly powerful.

Kagetsu – Swordmaster

Kagetsu’s default class, swordmaster, is the best class you can choose for Kagetsu. His stats and growth are perfect for the class.

Zelkov – Thief

Thief is the default class for Zelkov. Zelkov’s stats are perfect for the Thief class. Interestingly, picking any other class for Zelkov negatively impacts Zelkov’s stats and playstyle.

Veyle – Fell Child

The best way for Veyle to stand out in combat is that she stays in her original starting class, i.e Fell Child. The Fell Spirit ability allows her to fill her Engage bar by one point at the start of each turn. Also, she’s the only character who can use the Misericorde dagger and Obscurité tome, both of which are usable only when she is in the Fell Child class.

Fogado – Cupido

Fogado’s high dexterity is only complimented properly by the Cupido class. The class allows Fogade to work excellently with counterattacking and dealing additional damage.

The ranged attacking side of the class also allows the character to compensate for Fogado’s lack of overall strength.

Bunet – Great Knight

When it comes to Bunet, no other class than the Great Knight suits him. So stick with the default class of Bunet to get the most out of him in FE Engage.

Pandreo – High Priest

Again, Pandreo is one of the characters with the best class they can have already equipped. High Priest is the best class for Pandreo, seeing Pandreo’s high affinity for the class. Strength is the only stat you find lacking for Pandreo, but you can overcome this by using staves and ranged spells.

Timerra – Picket

This class allows the Timerra attack to rise depending on the character’s defense. Fortunately, defense is one of the highest stats Timerra has, making Picket undoubtedly the best class for Timerra.

Merrin – Wolf Knight

Wolf Knight is the best-class Merrin for in FE Engage. The reason behind that is the character’s high crit chance and speed. The poison dagger quickly attacks and deals multiple critical hits, making Merrin the shadow of death as a Wolf Knight in Fire Emblem Engage.

Panatte – Paladin

We consider Paladin to be the best choice for Panatte. Panatte has high attack and strength but needs to improve in all other stats.

Although this won’t be a problem early on, late-game fights require you to have high speed and dexterity as well. Paladin’s class also helps Panatte cover up her weaknesses for the late game.

Hortensia – Sleipnir

Hortensia is best suited for the Sleipnir class. The class’s skill allows you not to use your staff’s durability when casting spells. This ability makes her a great ally to use as a support when you are in a long and challenging fight.

Goldmary – Hero

The class we choose for Goldamry is Hero because it fits pretty well with her abilities. Goldmary is best paired with another powerhouse unit dealing significant damage. Goldmary helps tank damage and wear down the enemy’s health and defense.

Rosado – Wyvern Knight

Rosado is blessed with high strength, excellent mobility, and good dexterity. Being a Wyvern Knight also allows Rosado to stay much better defended against melee attacks and cavalry units.

Seadall – Dancer

Seadall is a powerful unit with high attack and speed, the makings of a swordmaster. Still, because Seadall is a Qi Adept, the best class for Seadall is a Dancer. Choosing the class allows Seadall to fend off himself and use the Dancer’s skill to enable his teammates to get two moves in a row which can be crucial in the late game.

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