Fire Emblem Engage Amiibo, How To Use And Rewards

Nintendo's amiibo figurine rewards make a return in Fire Emblem Engage and here we will explain how you can use these collectibles.

Like most Nintendo exclusives, Fire Emblem Engage also has Amiibo support integration, allowing players to scan mini amiibo figurines and gain various amiibo rewards. If you have been lucky enough to snag some Amiibo figurines, let us explain how you can use these Amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage and what can be unlocked with amiibo.

How to use Amiibos in Fire Emblem Engage

Players must first find a place called the Amiibo Gazebo to gain access to this feature. This area can be found in the Somniel, which specifically lets players gain access to Amiibo’s features. 

However, before you can access this area, it is crucial to clear the first few chapters of the game; the Somniel will become available for exploration after that. 

Using Amiibos is a really simple job. Head to the western part of Somniel to find Amiibo Gazebo. Once you reach the place, interact with it, and you will be presented with the option of “Scan,” “Outfits,” and “Songs.” 

The next thing to know is is how to get an outfit ticket and a music ticket. To do that, just click on the scan, and then you must place the Amiibo on your Nintendo Switch controller at the designated point. The instructions for how you’re supposed to place the Amiibo on your controller will be visible on your screen.

Once you are done scanning the Amiibo, you will get a Music and Fashion Ticket that you can use to get amiibo exclusive rewards in FE Engage.

How to unlock all Fire Emblem Engage Amiibo music and costumes

When you get the Music and Fashion Ticket, you can use it to get amiibo exclusive rewards in FE Engage which include an outfit. The outfit will be the same as the Amiibo figurine you just used. You can use one ticket each to unlock one music and one outfit. So, unlocking all of them will require a lot of tickets.

There’s a timer on the Amiibo Gazebo, meaning it cannot be used more than five times in 24 hours in real-time. If you have a complete collection of Amiibos hoarded up, it might be quite a while before you can scan and unlock the items from all of them.

Each time you place an Amiibo on your controller, the rewards you receive will pop up in your notifications, allowing players to keep track of them.

Suppose you want to view the items (Outfits and Music) you’ve obtained. In that case, that can be done by selecting ‘Outfits’ option at Amiibo Gazebo. You can purchase new ones using the Fashion and Song tickets you’ve collected by scanning the figurines.

Supported Amiibos and unlockable items

The following amiibo figurines will work and give you a fashion or music ticket when scanned in Fire Emblem Engage

  • Chrom (Smash)
  • Byleth
  • Roy
  • Robin
  • Lucina
  • Corrin (M/F)
  • Marth
  • Ike
  • Chrom (FE series)
  • Tiki
  • Alm
  • Celica

Amiibo outfit unlocks and fashion ticket costs

Unlockable Outfits         Ticket Cost
Marth Style1x Fashion Ticket
Celica Style1x Fashion Ticket
Sigurd Style1x Fashion Ticket
 Leif Style1x Fashion Ticket
Roy Style1x Fashion Ticket
Lyn Style1x Fashion Ticket
Ike Style1x Fashion Ticket
Micaiah Style1x Fashion Ticket
Lucina Style1x Fashion Ticket
Corrin Style1x Fashion Ticket
Byleth Style1x Fashion Ticket
Erikia Style1x Fashion Ticket

Unlocked songs and their music ticket costs

Unlockable SongsTicket Cost
Trouble! (Marth)1x Music Ticket
With Mila’s Divine Protection1x Music Ticket
End of the Holy War1x Music Ticket
Let’s Go, Leif!1x Music Ticket
Beneath a New Light (Roy)1x Music Ticket
Wind across the Plains1x Music Ticket
The Devoted1x Music Ticket
Echoes of Daybreak1x Music Ticket
Destiny (Ablaze)1x Music Ticket
End of All (Below)1x Music Ticket
Fódlan Winds1x Music Ticket
The Final Battle1x Music Ticket

How to equip Amiibo rewards

Now that you’ve unlocked an Amiibo Outfit or Music, it is time to equip and use them. However, if you need clarification about the process, in this section of the guide, we will complete the process. 

Players must travel to the Boutique in the Somniel for the outfits and choose the outfit from there. From here, you can select the “outfit of your choice.” However, it is worth noting that certain outfits only work with certain characters. 

Once you’ve arrived at the boutique in the central building of the Somniel, select the character whose outfit you want to change. Now, on your right side, you’ll see a list of outfits you’ve unlocked. You can select your outfit of choice from this list and change your current character into it.

Outfits have certain restrictions to them as well. Obviously, a female character can’t wear a male outfit and similarly, certain outfits can only be used by certain characters.

As for the music you’ve unlocked through your Fire Emblem Amiibos, head back to your room in the Somniel. Head towards your bed and interact with it to be presented with the options of Rest, Reminisce, and Difficulty Setting.

Select Reminisce and a list of all the songs you’ve unlocked will appear on the screen. You can select any song of your choice from here and play it. 

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