Final Fantasy XV Ulwaat Berries Locations Guide – Berried Memories, Galdin Quay

Ulwaat Berries are a rare cooking ingredient in Final Fantasy XV that also happen to be requirements for a quest, Berried Memories, in Galdin Quay. Coctura, the chef at the Galdin Quay restaurant will ask players to find those berries for her so she can cook a special meal, however the quest marker doesn’t really point to any real place for the players to find the berries.

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There is no fixed place where players can find the Ulwaat Berries in the game however, one sure shot way of acquiring them is to go the Cape Caem lighthouse and talk to Iris there at the house.

She is usually standing at the porch of the house and gives players a quest to start planting things in the nearby garden. Iris also provides Noctis with some seeds so players don’t really have to go around looking for them.

Noctis can then head to the garden and plant the Caem Carrot seeds which can then be harvested a day later. As soon as the carrots are harvested, a guy named Tony appears and offers players some items in exchange for the carrots. One of those items are Ulwaat Berries and players should definitely choose those instead of any other item from the list.

Having acquired the Ulwaat Berries, players can then go back to Galdin Quay and talk to Coctura to complete the quest which will reward Noctis and his allies with 5000 EXP, 3000 Gil, Leiden Sweet Potato, Fine Cleigne Wheat and Ulwaat Berries.

Coctura can also sell the cooked dish she made for 12,000 Gil so not only will the players get to try out the dish but also learn the cooking recipe for it.

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